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These release notes cover all the changes made since the release of version 4.0 on November 9th 2016.

To download a PDF version of these Release Notes, click here,

To download the latest CoPOS Release (v4.0A), click here.

Important Notes

CoPOS is releasing this minor update to resolve a bug found in option 6.11, Reduction/Transfer (Multiple Items).  This option is now recording reductions and transfers correctly. Please update CoPOS before using this option for your end of the month spoilage or transfers.

This update is highly recommended for integrated credit card users as it fixes a rare issue with voiding a credit card sale.

New and Changed Features

Integrated Credit Card Processing
If you are using Integrated Credit Card processing, CoPOS now provides the ability to reverse a credit card charge without voiding a sale.  This option is password protected and not easily used.  Please contact CoPOS for further instructions.

Discount by Department to Sell Items at Cost or at a Fixed Percentage Above Cost.
It is now possible to set a discount to indicate that an entire department is sold at cost or at a fixed percentage above cost.  This is controlled by System Constant #251, “Allow ‘Cost plus’ Pricing on a Per Dept Basis” and, indirectly, by System Constant #36, “Allow Differing Member Discounts by Department.”   The discount is assigned in option 4.5 “Membership Type Enter/Edit/List” in the option “Specify Department Specific Member Discounts”  To specify this discount, enter the syntax “COST” or “C”+nn where “nn” is the  percentage over cost.  This discount can be specified per department and if no discount is specified for a department, the basic member discount will be used for that department.  By entering zero, you can effectively exclude departments from the basic member discount using this option as well.

CoPOS – New and Changed Features

1.15  Close a Register Session
If a Sale is on Hold, CoPOS now warns the user that closing the register session will lose this held sale.  The user has the opportunity to keep the register session open and review the held sale. (Enhancement 1700)

1.8  Sales Query
CoPOS now allows the number of Bag Charges/Credits to be tallied up in the Sales Query.  This is useful for finding the number of bags paid for by customers or the number bags reused by customers during a given time period. A sales query can now also be filtered by sales that include a Bag Charge/Credit. (Enhancement 1703)

3.26  Best/Worst/Non Selling Items
CoPOS now exports the current applied margin and the achieved margin for each item in the export file.  The months specified when running this report define the bounds of the achieved margin. (Enhancement 1714)

4.1  Item Enter/Edit/List/Query
There is now a Green Field that covers NCG’s Co-op Basics program (this is a discount program that provides reduced pricing on staple items).   This new Green Field is referenced by a “B” and can be used for any basic buy program implemented at a store. (Enhancement 1706)

8.10  Delete Sales
Option 8.10 (Delete Sales) can now be filtered by Sales Type (General or Member Only or Both) as well as Sale Dates. (Enhancement 1690)

System Constant Changes/Fixes

#273 Allow Additional Percentage Off for Items On Sale
Controls whether Items on sale are eligible for an additional percentage off when sold to Members.  LAST SYSTEM CONSTANT FROM THE 4.0 RELEASE

#274 Allow Integrated Credit Card Charges to be Reversed From CoPOS
Controls whether Credit Card Charges that do not correspond to a CoPOS transaction can be reversed.  We suggest that you leave this set to “N” unless you observe that a charge has gone through on the merchant side but not on the CoPOS side.  This should never happen but in case it does…

#275 Allow $0.00 Bag Charges/Credits
Controls whether Bag Charges/Credits of $0.00 are permitted at the Register. Some stores wish to allow a $0.00 Bag Charge/Credit in order to count the #Bag Credits/Charges (via the Sales Query) without imposing any charges or granting any credits.

#276 Have The Item Movement Export Go Back 24 Months Instead of 12
Controls whether the Achieved Margin Column (Col L) of the Item Movement File Export looks at 24 Months instead of 12 Months.

Software Update v4.0A – Release Notes