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Software Upgrades

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The most recent version of CoPOS (COA.lzh) is 4.4.   DOWNLOAD CoPOS

The most recent version of CoSAT (SOA.lzh) is 4.4.   DOWNLOAD CoSAT

If your CoPOS server has access to the internet, the latest CoPOS and CoSAT releases can be installed using the CoPOS controller.  Otherwise, you can install from USB.  Do this by saving directly to disk, right-click the link and choose “Save as…” (or similar).

Read the details of this Software Update in the Release Notes. Instructions for upgrading CoPOS are in the Cashier Guide and Quick Tips.   Instructions for upgrading CoSAT are in the CoSAT Basics Guide.


We have several convenient templates and worksheets are available that aid in setup and maintenance of your CoPOS system.