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Download CoSAT

Note: At this time, the Download button does not work in Chrome. Please try another browser. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The most recent version of CoSAT (SOA.lzh) is 4.4.

Additional information about CoSAT can be found in CoSAT Basics.

CoSAT Upgrade Instructions
Upgrading CoSAT will shut down CoSAT until the upgrade is completed.
  1.  Select 14) Controller
  2. Select 2) Upgrade CoSAT from the Controller Main Menu. CoSAT will prompt you to select the location of the SOA.LZH file. Choose either USB FlashDrive or Cloud Install.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Select Continue. The controller will shut down CoSAT and upgrade it. Once done, CoSAT restarts and returns to the Main Menu.
Note: If you are upgrading from a USB flash drive, be sure to have the latest version of SOA.LZH on the USB flash drive. (The current version can be obtained by clicking the Download CoPOS button above.)
You can verify the controller can find the file by checking the USB File List, which can be found by selecting
1)  Status in the Controller Main Menu, then
4)  USB File List