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Uptake Interview


Welcome to CoPOS! The first step in the “Go Live” process is the Uptake Interview. Download the Uptake Interview. Once it’s completed send it to

The interview establishes the parameters of your store’s setup.  This includes location and tax as well as Discount Structure, Membership Type and Department Segmentation.  Here’s what we need for the Uptake Interview.

  • Basic Store Info – Address, Sales Tax, Operating Hours, etc: Here we collect the basic parameters about your store.  Click here for a template to help you fill out your store’s basic information.
  • Discount Structure: Here we specify how Discounts are to be set up. Things like the Store’s Maximum Discount and when this Discount is used are established here.
  • Specify Membership Type: Here we collect information pertinent to the different Membership Types that your store has. In addition to the Basic Member Type, there should be a type for Employees, Members and Employee Non-Members. There should also be a type for businesses or organizations that run tabs.
  • Specify Your Store’s Department Segmentation: Here we define which Departments comprise your store and the different attributes of each Department.  These attributes are the defaults for Items in the Department and consist of:
    • Whether or not the Item is to be treated as food
    • Whether or not the Item is sold by the each or by weight
    • Whether or not the Item is Discountable
    • Whether or not the Item is Taxable

Click here to view the Department Segmentation Examples spreadsheet that shows how other CoPOS customers have segmented their store.