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Item Pricing

CoPOS provides flexibility when it comes to item pricing. Since items are typically priced by their cost and price margins, CoPOS lets you customize individual items, item categories or departments. Item price, cost or margin changes can be set to start and end on certain dates.

CoPOS supports electronic invoices for major vendors including UNFI, KeHe, Scan Genius and Order Dog. CoPOS also has the ability to set up sales for the following flyer programs:

  • UNFI Co-op Deals and TPRs (CAP/TPR)
  • UNFI Healthy Advantage program.
  • UNFI Natural Connections
  • UNFI Monthly Specials

CoPOS lets you retrieve your UNFI invoices via ftp, directly from the UNFI web site.  No file copying or renaming, simply click and retrieve.  Contact your UNFI rep to get login credentials.