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CoPOS provides everything you’d expect from a full-featured point of sale system.

  • Wireless CoTERM
  • Remote register
  • Email receipts
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Automatic backup and shutdown
  • Automatic email notification of successful backup
  • Loyalty program
  • Incentive reporting (e.g., Double-up Food Bucks)
  • Automated SPINS reporting
  • Consignment tracking
  • Training mode
  • 3-Tier Tax
  • Periodic Inventory with CoSAT
  • Extensive Reporting

In addition, CoPOS provides the following functions that are specific to food co-ops.

  • Membership
  • Patronage
  • IOUs
  • Gift certificates
  • Online and special orders
  • Extensive member tracking

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The CoPOS brochure is here…