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Loading the LBMX Sales File (the Co-op Deals File) In CoPOS

It has come to our attention that the format of the NCG Co-op Deals file has changed. NCG is now using a web application called LBMX to transmit Co-op Deal Flyer information to their clients. CoPOS has worked hard in the last few days to quickly engineer a new option to load this new LBMX file format directly into CoPOS. We have an interim release of CoPOS available in the CoPOS Cloud and on our website that includes this enhancement. While we have a great deal of confidence in the stability of the release, the usual testing for a public release has not been performed. There also are no attached release notes and a few options have moved.

If you are part of the NCG Co-op Deals program and use CoPOS to process this sales flyer you can:

1)  Update your CoPOS system to this interim release and follow the instructions in the document, “Co-op Deals LBMX File Import for CoPOS.pdf” to process the new LBMX files. In many ways this new LBMX file is better in that you simply have to rename the LBMX file to CAPxxxxx.TXT (where “xxxxx” can be any alphanumeric character) before loading into CoPOS. No more need for Excel. To process, use CoPOS Option 8.8.1 or 8.8.2 and select the choice bar option [LBMX] when CoPOS asks for the spreadsheet source.

2)  If you choose NOT to load this interim release of CoPOS, you can take the LBMX export file, which is in Tab/Text form, and load it into Excel, then cut the columns from the LBMX file and paste them into the CoPOS Standard Sales File template. This template is available on our website at If you do use this method of loading your Co-op Deals, be sure to indicate in CoPOS that the spreadsheet source is from CoPOS.

Finally, we did not receive advance notification from NCG about this file format change. Feedback from their clients about the need to communicate such changes to the vendors who service them might help to avoid a repeat performance of this situation.

Important Notes

Release Notes covering the changes made and the bugs fixed in this interim release will be made available when we release the next official CoPOS version. Currently we expect this release to be during the middle of June 2016.

========  End of SPECIAL NOTES for SOFTWARE UPDATE 3.6.5C  ============

Software Update v3.6.5C Interim Release – LBMX File Import