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These release notes cover all the changes made since the release of version 3.6.5 on November 3rd 2015.

CoPOS – New and Changed Features:

1.7 Inquire on a Sale
Coupon information can now be viewed for a specific item purchased in a sale.

1.8 Sales Query
When Including or Excluding Sales with Coupons in the Sales Query, the Coupon Type (Manufacturer or Store) can now be specified. Thus it is possible to query for all sales with ONLY Store Coupons.

1.8 Sales Query
Sales queries can now use the outputs from both Member and Item Queries. As an example, if you want to look at all the sales from members who joined in the past month, you can do a sales query and include Members. When CoPOS asks for the members to include, type “.Q” for query. If you forget, you can always use F10 for help to see this option. Now that you are in the member query, you can filter the members by “Join Dates” to get those that have recently signed up.

1.12.13 Transaction Log
The Transaction Log has been expanded to save 400 days of information, and now has printing and exporting capabilities.

3.1 Sales Recap
More comprehensive audit trails are directly available from this option. To view an audit trail of almost any cell on the Sales Recap Report, press the [F10] key while in the main Choice Bar. You will then see the current cell highlighted in red. Press [ENTER] to view help or [F1] to view the source of the data (the audit trail). Use the arrow keys to move to another field.

3.9 Coupon Usage
This report has been expanded a great deal, and now allows for a much expanded criteria selection method as well as vastly improved options to summarize the resulting data. You can view coupon usage by department, by date, by item, and by member. In addition you can also view, print and export the totals separated by Manufacture Coupons and Store Coupons.

4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query > Edit
You can now see the date an item was added when editing or viewing an item. The field “Added:” is located right below the field “V/Code:”

4.4 Member Enter/Edit/List/Query > Query
An Item Query is now available from within the Member Query when searching for “Members Who Purchased Specific Items.” For example, to look for all the members who purchased local items, go to option 4.4 and do a Member Query and include “Members Who Purchased Specific Items.” When prompted for the item, type “.Q” to create an Item Query. The results of this Item Query will be used as the specific items searched in the Member Query.

CoPOS – Bug Fixes:

4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query > Add
The price computed from the Price Calculator is now correctly displayed in all situations.

5.1 Enter (Place) a Special Order
Fixed an issue where you were unable to select items that were previously ordered and add them to the current special order.

8.2 Enter Sale Prices
Sale Tags print correctly from Option 8.2 for Member Only Sales.

8.23 Print MULTIPLE Sale Tags
Fixed an issue with printing sale tags on small shelf tags. We apologize for this temporary loss of functionality.

8.24 Print Sale Tag for ONE Item
Fixed an issue with printing sale tags on small shelf tags. We apologize for this temporary loss of functionality.

System Constant Changes/Fixes:

#244 Allow Removal of FTP Invoices via Option 8.7
Controls whether Invoices can be purged after they are processed using Option 8.7

#245 Export SPINS Data via FTP Automatically (Req #240=Y)
Controls whether SPINS data is exported automatically when CoPOS is started while at the start of a weekly SPINS period.

Note: In order for this to happen, System Constant #240, Allow SPINS Data to be sent via FTP, must be set to “Y”.

========  End of RELEASE NOTES for SOFTWARE UPDATE 3.6.5A  ============

Software Update v3.6.5A Release Notes