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These release notes cover all the changes made since the release of version 3.6.4 on June 4, 2015.

Important Notes
CoPOS found a few small bugs with the 3.6.4 release. This update fixes those bugs and adds a few new features. Details below.
If upgrading from a version before 3.6.3, remember that the CoPOS Item Template has changed. A new version is available at This replaces an older version and is required for options using this file to work properly. This new CoPOS Item Template says “Use with CoPOS v3.6.3 or Later” in the file header.

New and Changed Features:

New in 3.6.4A -> Search the CoPOS Help Text
CoPOS has expanded the usability of the help information from within CoPOS. The F10 key now works in any menu option of CoPOS. In addition to giving you help regarding the current option that you are in, F10 now gives you access to search all of the help text available in CoPOS. Simply type F10 and than chose the option [Search Help] from the Choice Bar. Give it a try, at the main menu in CoPOS hit the F10 key and choose [Search Help].

In addition to this feature, F10 help information is also continually being added and expanded throughout CoPOS. Remember F10 is your friend!

New Features of 3.6.4A:

1.1 Record a Sale
Sales Receipts that show items on sale via an “!” to the right of the item price now have the following explanation on the receipt: “! Items whose price is followed by a “!” are ON SALE.”

1.8 Sales Query
Figures from a Sales Query can now be summarized by Member Type using the [More] then [Summarize] options after running a sales query.

3.18 Sales By Hour
Figures from the Department Sales By Hour can now be exported. Department Sales By Hour requires System Constant #66, “Track Sales by Hour WITHIN Department” be set to Yes.

8.1 Enter Item Prices
Added many enhancements to this option to better see the difference made by changing margins and SRPs as well as improvements to the rounding methodology.

Added a “Price Change Summary” under the [Chg All] choice bar option.

8.7 Process Electronic Invoices
Improved the printing of shelf tags to be more intuitive and useful. You can now print from a CoTERM (or Logic Box) to either the label printer attached to the server or the label printer attached to the CoTERM (or Logic Box).

11.11 Search Help Text
Allows you to search all of the help text within CoPOS. After reading about an option, CoPOS gives you the choice to run that option. This function is also accessible by typing the F10 key at any CoPOS menu.

Bug Fixes:

3.24 Monthly Sales By Department
This option now prints and exports correctly.

4.2 Item Category
The [Merge] choice bar in the Item Category option now lets you use 8 digit codes. This is in line with the maximum length of the Item Category Code.

4.14 Item Group
Sorting now works correctly when viewing items in an Item Group.

8.7 Process Electronic Invoices
Fixed an introduced bug that prevented shelf tags from printing when electronic invoices were processed at the server.

========  End of RELEASE NOTES for SOFTWARE UPDATE 3.6.4A  ============

Software Update v3.6.4A