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Don’t rush the clock!  Always install CoPOS updates after-hours in the evening.
  • Member Query – Easily find the top-spending members who have purchased from a department or purchased a single item.  Note: This query is computationally expensive and operates fastest on the new CoPOS+ Server.
  • CoPOS Quick Print – Press <CTRL-P> to print almost any “box” of on-screen information.
  • Dates – The date format MMYYYY (e.g. 122012) is now recognized properly as December 2012.  Previous versions of CoPOS would have recognized this example as December in the year 1220.
  • Record a Sale
    • Easily keep member information up to date at the register by typing “.e” in the member field, or when member payments are due.  See Menu 9.1, System Constants 174-177 for activating the full potential of this feature.
    • Member Dues are displayed in a clearer format.
  • Fixing Member Payments – Type “FIX DUES” at the Main Menu to clear a member’s payment history (via system constant #84) .  Use Menu 7.1 – Post Member Payments to reenter a member’s payment history.
  • Special Orders – Receipts for deposits paid with a credit card will print the type of card.  Define credit card types in Menu 4.12.
  • Menu 2 – IOUs – In cases where an IOU balance is a prerequisite, pressing F1 will only list members with an IOU balance.
  • Menu 3.2 and 3.3 are now Sales Tax Detail and Sales Tax Summary respectively.  Both menus have been completely reprogrammed to look and feel like other CoPOS menus.
  • Menu 3.7 – Cash Payout – Completely reprogrammed to look and feel like other CoPOS menus.  This menu was previously print-only.
  • Menu 3.9 – Coupon Usage – Completely reprogrammed to look and feel like other CoPOS menus.  This menu was previously print-only.
  • Menu 3.24 – Monthly Sales by Department – Each department’s achieved margin can be calculated.
  • System Constant #172 – Prompt for volume discount when processing electronic invoices.


  • Member Query
    • Printing members is more reliable.
    • Export contains more columns with an improved order.
    • Searching for members with payments (equity vs. non-equity) is more intuitive.
    • Excluding members who are paid in full works more reliably.
  • Bid Files – Printing changed items within a department prints reliably.
  • Electronic Invoices
    • When changing the price or cost of an item that is on sale the “old SRP” was displaying the current sale price. This update displays the “old SRP” regardless of sale price and shows a ! character if the item is on sale.
    • The interface has been changed to make it easier to select only items with cost changes.
  • Special Orders
    • Deleting a special order with a deposit is properly accounted for in the X-Tape and Sales Recap Report.
    • Sorting has been made more robust.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale
    • Senior discounts on returned items are calculated more accurately when the membership is added at the end of the sale.
    • A member can now use all of their gift card for a sale, recharge the gift card, and use that new gift card total for the current sale. Previous versions of CoPOS may have had difficulties with this sequence of events.
  • Menu 2.7 – Enter IOU Payments – Writing off an IOU balance is properly accounted for in the X-Tape and Sales Recap Report.
  • Menu 3.1 – Sales Recap Report – Voided sales are calculated with more accuracy.
  • Menu 4 – Database
    • Punctuation characters such as “=” and “+” can no longer be used as the first character in a description.
    • The prompt “Quit (WITHOUT Saving)” is no longer displayed after a user saves.
  • Menu 4.1 – Item Database – After editing multiple items the item information in the table is updated with the changes.
  • Menu 6.7 – Receive a Shipment – Entering and scanning 13-digit barcodes works more reliably.
  • Menu 7.7 – Member Standing – Historical payment field now available.
  • Menu 7.15 – Member Payments – The report displays the correct number of members and member payments. Previous versions had these two fields swapped.
  • Menu 7.21 – Member Patronage – Overdue members are always included when patronage is accrued at the time of sale (via system constant #77).

Software Update – v3.4