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UPDATE 4 – May 29, 2012

  • Menu 1.28 – Cashier Performance Report – Added calculation of #Sales/#Drawer-openings to help detect fraud.  A relatively low number means the cashier is opening the drawer more often than other cashiers.
  • Menu 2.7 – Enter IOU Payments/Credits – Payments via credit card are accounted for on X-tapes and the Sales Recap Report.
  • Menu 4.1 – Item Query – Searching green fields with “Any” works as expected.
  • Menu 4.4 – Member Database – Member newsletter status (System Constant #112 enabled) works better with member queries.  If enabling this System Constant be sure to change newsletter status using Menu 7.5 – Member Newsletter Status (*ALL to edit all).
  • Menu 5.10 – Special Order Report – Items with zero quantity outstanding are displayed.
  • Menu 6.20/6.21 – Item Query/Export moved to Menu 4.1 – Item Database.
  • Menu 7.1 – Member Payments – Payments via credit card are accounted for on the Sales Recap Report.
  • Menu 8.1 – Enter Item Prices – From an External File – BID File – Shelf tags print correctly.  Only active items are processed.
  • Menu 8.19 – Print Multiple Shelf Tags – Reliably print brand names for all printers.
  • Menu 9.1 – System Constant #167 – Use the item price at the time special order was placed.
  • Menu 10.1.4 – Enter Hours Worked (By Employee) – Fixed a password bug introduced in previous update.
  • Menu 10.6.2 – Export Files – Fixed error when exporting SPINS Figures.
UPDATE 3 – May 15, 2012
  • CoPOS Help – Highlight a CoPOS Menu Option using the arrow keys and press F10 to read the manual page for that option.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale – Sales Tax is applied, can be removed, and accurately reapplied; excluding store coupons and manufacturer coupons based on state.  This is setup using System Constant #165.  See for details on taxing manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale – Member day sales for a single department no longer displays a global discount amount.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale – Gift card usage can be blocked using System Constant #82.
  • Menu 1.7 – Inquire on a Sale – Displaying a voided sale displays the sale number, cashier initials and register number.
  • Menu 2.* – IOU Options – Searching for a member displays members with open IOUs.
  • Menu 4.1 – Edit Item – Price calculator options arranged to avoid “accept vs. discard” confusion.
  • Menu 4.1 – Edit Item – Importing works more reliably for updating item information.
  • Menu 7.1 – Post/Unpost Member Payments – Credit card refunds are appropriately subtracted from Monies In.
  • Menu 7.15 – Member Payments – Now displays primary member name in report.
  • Menu 8.7 – Process Invoices Electronically – Fixed an error when adding/editing cost information.
  • Menu 8.8.* – External Price Changes – Fixed an error when printing reports.
  • Menu 8.19 – Print Shelf Tags – Price (regular vs. sale) is controlled by System Constant #139 regardless of printer used.
  • Menu 10.5.4 – Receive a Periodic Inventory Count From CoSAT – Fixed an error introduced in v3.2 u1.
UPDATE 2 – April 30, 2012
  • Added two columns to the Item Export:  Date Last Sold and Net Sales Last 6 Mos.  These columns are not imported.
  • Fix IOU Imbalances from Cash Advances by typing “FIX IOU BALANCES” at the CoPOS main menu.
  • Special Orders – The sale price of regularly priced S/O items are calculated when the order is picked up.
  • Menu 1.4.4 – View Payments – Reprint gift card receipts.
  • Menu 3.15 – Print Bulk Repack Labels – Default tare weight is displayed.
  • Menu 4.4 – Member Database – Allow editing of member Paid In Full status so long as member does not have a balance and member is not subject to repeating fees.
  • Menu 4.4 – Member Database – The previous member type is now displayed for members who have changed member types.
  • Menu 6.11 – Inventory Reduction/Transfer Summary – View by cost or SRP.
  • Menu 6.20 – Item Query – Added option to create, refresh, or delete a query.
  • Menu 7.7, 7.1, 1.1 – Members who are overdue are now displayed regardless of Paid In Full status.
UPDATE 1 – April 11, 2012
  • Menu 7.19 – Active/Inactive Member Inquiry – Fixed programming error.
  • Menus 8.1/8.8 – BID Files import allows 13-digit PLUS and imports active items only.
  • Menu 3.1 – Sales Recap Report export “adjusted gross – tax” column is controlled by System Constant 75.
  • Small Shelf Tag driver better supports the CoPOS Zebra 3844Z label printer.
  • Thermal shelf tags can be printed with or without sale prices when System Constant 139 is set to “N.”
  • Print small, 1.25″ square shelf tags for use in merchandising narrow items common in HABA and supplement departments.  A new 1.25″-sized perforated shelf tag is available for purchase at  Small Shelf Tags require a CoPOS Zebra label printer.  Don’t have a CoPOS Zebra label printer?  Upgrade today and receive a free case of Small Shelf Tags.
  • In Record a Sale, when entering the quantity for a random weight item, automatically use the scale weight by pressing ENTER.  This feature adds to the ability of CoPOS; the key “+” works as expected.
  • Item Query features a modern search language: + contains, does not contain, * wildcard, : between, “” missing, > greater than, < less than.
  • BETA: Standardized CoPOS Item Export/Import file.  The CoPOS Item File is created using an Item Query and contains nearly all item information.  You can edit this file and import your changes.  The file format is tab-delimited and may be imported into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.  When you are finished making changes in your spreadsheet program save as “Tab Delimited Text” or “Windows formatted file.”  The filename must start with ITEMS and end in .TXT.  Use 4.1 to import the file.  Blank fields are ignored.  To clear a field in the CoPOS Database type .d in the spreadsheet field.  This same “one file” feature is planned for CoPOS Members and will be available in a future version of CoPOS.  This feature has been tested by CoPOS, however, importing items has the ability to make large-scale changes to the CoPOS Database.  Please perform large imports on a CoPOS backup server before performing on your live server.  Always keep a copy of your original item export in case you need to reset the changes.  Your feedback is appreciated.


  • Delete and backspace keys will remove a response in all checklists, e.g. item and member queries.  Similarly, keys “I” and “E” function as “Y” and “N” for Y/N fields.
  • Menu 2.9 renamed to “Specify IOU Limits” (formerly Specify Member Credit Limits) and supports multiple member types.
  • Menu 4.1 – Edit Item Price Editor (Field 8, “P”) has been upgraded to include original item price and case cost.
  • Menu 7.21 – Member Patronage Report displays each member’s total “dollars saved.”
  • Menu 10.12.1 – Automatically link UNFI Categories to CoPOS Departments adds the ability to automatically add a CoPOS Department to an item when adding a UNFI item via an electronic invoice.  This is a user-defined option and is disabled by default.
  • Force calculation of discounts for hours worked in the previous month by typing “ADJUST MEMBER DISCOUNTS” at the CoPOS main menu.


  • Menu 4.1 – Edit Item Qty/Case can now be 0 without causing issues with case cost and price.  Margin must be less than 100.  Green status option “F” (Fair Trade) saves correctly.
  • Menu 6.20 – Item Query now excludes items correctly.  Right-hand column properly sorts.
  • Menu 8.3 – Enter Case Discount Prices will properly add the default discount if chosen.
  • Menu 8.10 – Delete Flyer Sales item query is now working.
  • Menu 8.17 – View Margin Exceptions “From Items that you Enter” properly displays the tolerance field.
  • Menu 10.4.2 – Specify E.B.T Eligibility By Item “From Items that you Enter” works correctly.

Software Update – v3.2 U4