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Software Update 3.6


  • Always install CoPOS updates after hours.
  • After installation make sure CoPOS is at the Main Menu, guaranteeing your staff a working system in the morning.
  • CoPOS has Added a twenty- fifth (25) line. This allows for more information to be displayed on the screen. BEFORE installing this release please make the following changes to all Logic Boxes by performing the four steps listed below:
    • 1) Press Ctrl Scroll Lock to enter Setup Mode.
    • 2) Press F3 key. Page Length should be set to 25. If it is not, change this by pressing the Space Bar until the number 25 is highlighted.
    • 3) Screen lengths should be set to 26. If it is not, use the right arrow key to highlight screen length. Set screen length by pressing the Space Bar.
    • 4) Save your settings by pressing the [PAUSE/BREAK] key. This key is the upper right-most key.


  • Added the ability to identify Customers system wide using syntax “C/”+Customer Name. This provides much needed consistency in this area.
  • The editor does a better job of respecting existing text formatting. This affects entering Item Ingredients, Prep Instructions, etc.
  • The Member Only Price on the Price Check is now displayed when an Item has a Member Only Price.
  • Added a “Once per Calendar Quarter” discount category.


  • Menu 1.1- Record a Sale
  • Added the ability to use a DBGC in the Gift Card Field. This done by responding “G”. In order for this to work, Numbered System Constant #82 (Block the Sale of Paper Gift Certificates at the Register must be set to Y.
  • Added the ability to purchase a DBGC for someone else at the Register. This allows for faster throughput when buying a DBGC for someone else (a situation) that occurs more frequently around the holidays.
  • Added the ability to lookup Members by their phone number. This is done by entering “P/” followed by the phone number (example: P/1-855-772-6767). For this to work type: REBUILD PHONE# INDEX at the Main Menu.
    *Note: Phone numbers must be entered at the register exactly as they appear in Menu 4.4.
  • An Alternate ID Code can be added for an Item through the Save and Continue Options in 4.1. This Alternate Item ID is now recognized when doing Price Checks. Note: Alternate ID Codes MUST be numerical. (Alternate ID Codes are entered in Menu 4.1).
  • Menu 1.5-Record a Cash Payout
  • Menu 1.6-Record Miscellaneous R/A
  • Menu 1.10- Cash Payouts Query
  • Menu 1.11-Miscellaneous R/As Query
  • Added the ability print the notes attached to Cash Payouts and Miscellaneous R/A’s.

Menu 1.8- Sales Query

  • Added the ability to query sales by Open Rings and Price Overwrites. Sales containing an Open Ring can now be queried using less than, greater than, and any criteria.
  • Added the ability to view a Member attached to a sale.
  • Added the ability to view Discounts by Department.

Menus 1.12.1, 1.12.2 and 1.12.3

  • Provided the ability to summarize the detail in the Balancing by Checks In, Credit Cards In and EBT in by date.

Menu 1.12.1-8

  • Added the ability to sort inquiries by the amount of the sale.

Menu 1.12.9 –Price Overwrites
Menu 3.9-Coupon Usage

  • Added the ability to view Department Totals in Price Overwrites and Coupon Usage Reports.

Menu 3.1- Sales Recap

  • Changed Wording of “Report Total” to “Store Total” on the Sales Recap Report
  • The Z-Tape (Option 1.17) has been removed. Z Tapes can now be printed using the print option on the Sales Recap Report.

Menu 3.15 Print Repack Labels

  • *T allows for the entry of a tare weight. The tare weight is used until this Menu Option is exited.

Menu 3.20-Dalily Sales by Item

  • Added the ability to view complete Item sale detail by individual Item.

Menu 8.24-Contributing Margin Inquiry

  • Added the ability to summarize the information in these reports by:
    • Category
    • Brand, Vendor
    • Location.

Menu 4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

  • Price Calculator Added to the Save and Continue Options of 4.1.
  • Added the ability to specify the country/state of origin for Items. These two fields are mutually exclusive. The Origin can be printed on the repack label and appears under the ingredients. In order to have the Origin print on labels, Numbered System Constant 195 MUST be set to “Y”. Numbered Constant 195 reads “Show the State or Country of Origin on Repack Labels”.

Menu 4.9- Brand Name

  • Added the ability to identify Brand from the UPC in CoPOS. Digits 1-6 now being used

Menu 7.23-Member Equity

  • Accurately provides a tally of Member Equity for Member’s who have joined within a range of dates as of the Thru date entered.
  • BEFORE: The equity of the current date was being displayed within the range of dates rather than using the thru date.

Menu 8.20-Print ONE Shelf Tag

  • Menu 3.13- Print Item Barcode Labels
  • Item pricing information can now be printed on Barcode Only Labels. This requires System Constant 198 (Show Pricing on Barcode Only Labels) to be set to Y.

Menu 9.1- Actual Discounts

  • Added the ability to use “AT COST” price for Special Order Discounts. This is done by entering 0 in the % over cost for special orders via option 9.1 Discounts> Actual Discounts


  • Menu- 3.1- Sales (Movement) By Month


  • Including Criteria in the Query Criteria and filtering by Green attributes now works correctly.
  • Consignee Payout now being recorded accurately when a Store’s Take is set to 0.

Menu 3.20- Daily Sales By Item

  • The $Net Sales numbers reported by Option 3.20 now agree with the Sales Recap
  • Pricing information is now being calculated and displayed accurately when price overwrites are used and Pre-Discounted prices are selected.

4.1 – Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

  • Inactive Items accurately displaying when answering NO to the Active Items ONLY prompt while Editing Multiple Items, Single Field and choosing Use ONLY Your Responses to the Above Prompts as the Selection Method.

Menu 7.8 Attach Sales to Members for Patronage

  • The Password prompt requiring the default password is now working correctly. This Menu Option is now listed among the Default Passwords in Menu 10.11.7. To apply this fix type INITIALIZE PASSWORD TABLE at the Main Menu.

Menu 10.1.3 -Enter Employee Hours Worked (By Day)

  • Employee Hours are now being recorded and displayed accurately after being edited.

Menu 10.1.10- Employee Hours

  • Employee Hours now being recorded and printed accurately after being added/edited in Menu 10.1.3 (Enter Employee Hours Worked (By Day).


9.1 Save and Continue>Purge /Member Inactivation Times

  • The purge times for Sales and Returns are now combined.

9.2 – Enter/Edit System Constants.

  • Using this Option to edit the Numbered System Constants makes editing them much more straightforward and reduces the chance of accidently changing a System Constant.

9.3- View System Constants

  • Added the ability to view System Constants, which eliminates the need for concern about unintentionally editing System Constants.
  • System Constant 199 (Block DBGC Recharges at the Register) Added the ability to block recharges of Declining Balance Gift Cards at the Register.
  • System Constant 202(Exempt Singles from Sale Eligibility). Singles can now be exempted from sale pricing.
  • System Constant 203 (Prompt for Member Email at Register if Email is missing) Members who are missing email addresses can have them added at the register.
  • System Constant 197 (Allow Basic Member Discounts ON TOP OF Special Order Discounts). Combines the Basic Member Discount along with the Special Order Discount
  • System Constant 196 (Suppress Date on Shelf Tags) Controls whether the date of printing is printed on shelf tags.

Software Update 3.6