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Important Notes

A new version of the CoPOS Item Template is available at This replaces an older version and is required for options using this file to work properly. This new CoPOS Item Template says “Use with CoPOS v3.6.3 or Later” in the file header.

New and Changed Features

Copy and Paste

Test can now be copied and pasted using Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste). Text can be copied from any editor screen in CoPOS to any other editor screen in CoPOS. Examples include Item Ingredients, Prep Notes, Item Notes and Member Notes.

Ability to Change Fields en Masse

CoPOS has worked hard to extend the ability to change a single field of multiple items, member, categories, vendors, etc. en Masse. To do this follow your entry with an asterisks. For example in 4.1 Edit Multiple Items, Single Field, bring up a list of all your active items in bulk then choose “Hotlist Status” from the Assign/Edit window. Now Specify Hotlist Status and type “Y*” to indicate that all of these items will be placed on the hotlist. This ability to follow your entry with an asterisks has been extended to almost every place in CoPOS that allows for editing of multiple fields.

CoPOS Weigh and Label Kiosk

We now have a Weigh and Label Kiosk that lets your customers print labels for bulk items that can be quickly scanned at the register. You can try out the Weigh and Label Kiosk by logging in as “KIOSK” at any CoPOS station. If this log in fails, you will need to call CoPOS for a five minute setup procedure. Exit the Weight and Label Kiosk by entering “*OFF”. This option works well with a small screen, keyboard, scale and printer set up on the sales floor in your bulk department. This Kiosk uses the Zebra LP2824plus, LP2844z or GK420d printers. The labels themselves are designed to fit on the standard LPQ04 shelf tag.

1.1 Record a Sale

After typing “Rebuild Phone# Index” at the Main Menu, customer phone numbers can be looked up at the Register. Type C/P/Phone Number in the Member field

The Member Discount shown on receipts is now bolded.

1.3 Enter a Return

The Option to edit/add coupons to a return has been removed. The ability to apply or remove coupons is not necessary to process returns correctly.

1.8 Sales Query

The Sales Query can now be restricted to sales paid for by either a Declining Balance Gift Card or a Paper Gift Certificate or you can choose to place no restriction on the Gift Card type. The Sales Query also includes query capabilities for Customer, Accrued Patronage, Consignment and Open Rings.

1.9 Returns Query

Return tender method is displayed in the Returns Query.

1.12.2 Balancing Tools (Credit Cards In)

Credit Card type can be sorted in ascending and descending order.

4. All Database Options

When a Database Option is selected for a database without any data, CoPOS will automatically start the user in a screen to add data. The word ADD is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This indicates the the User that they are in ADD mode.

4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

Initials of individuals altering inventory are prompted for. A record is also made in the Inventory Log.

Items on Member Only Sale can now be queried.

The option to associate the Brand with the UPC prefix is now available when adding an Item.

Adding/Editing Group info for multiple Items using Edit>Multiple Items, Single Field is now possible.

CoPOS now saves the last 20 price and cost changes. These can be viewed in the Item Profile accessible in many CoPOS options including 4.1 View Item and Item Queries. NOTE: System Constant 185 must be set to Y.

4.1 Item Category Enter/Edit/List

Import Item Category information from a tab delimited text file. See the CoPOS Item Category Template File at

4.12 Credit Card Enter/Edit/List

Credit Card types can now be inactivated.

5.15 Special Order Sales by Item

View summaries of items ordered by department and category.

6.17 Search/Change Text in Items

Text in Item Ingredients, Preparation Notes, and Item Notes can be searched for and changed for multiple Items.

7.8 Patronage Distribution Method

Users can now select whether Members receive patronage by DBGC or Check on an individual basis. See F10 Help Text while editing the Distribution Method.

7.17 Member Discounts

Member addresses, phone numbers and email addresses can now be exported from this Option.

8.5 Enter Costs for Individual Items

A shelf tag can be printed for and Item once Cost changes have been saved.

8.9 Item Pricing Worksheet

An Item List is saved for any and all changes made to the Item Pricing Worksheet.

8.19 Print Multiple Shelf Tags

Restrict shelf tag printing to Active Items when printing shelf tags from a List.

10.5.4 Receive/Reverse a Periodic Inventory Count From CoSAT

Selectively reverse figures from a Periodic Inventory count by choosing reverse from the Increment/Replace choice bar.

10.5.5 Receive a Periodic Inventory Count FROM a Tab/Text File

Added an alert when Items come in from a Tab/Text file that cannot be found in CoPOS. It is also possible to view and ring lists of these matched and unmatched items.

There is now an easy way to enter Periodic Inventory Count Figures from devices other than CoSAT. Example devices include any laptop computers, smart phones or iPads. The requirement is that the file be Tab/Text Delineated, start with “ITEMST” and be 8 characters or less. The file itself needs to have the first column reserved for the Item Cods and the second for the inventory count.


1.1 Record a Sale

Corrected an error that blacked discounts for Non-members when a member day was in effect that included Non-members.

All discount methods work correctly when Fixed and Variable Member Days are in effect.

1.3 Enter a Return

Returns that generate a DBGC through Store Credit are now correctly displayed for use at the Register. A prompt is issued to reactivate and inactive DBGC when a Return is recorded using Store Credit.

Tax is now correctly reflected for Returns that have a taxable Item and are overwritten with a non taxable Item with no price.

3.1 Sales Recap Report

Fixed a rare situation where a negative number was displayed in the “Other Discount” line of the Sales Recap Report

3.26 Best/Worst/Non Selling Items

Non selling Items now export correctly.

4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

Numeric fields of custom right-hand columns now print correctly.

The correct number of records are exported for both standard and expanded text when exporting Item ingredients.

Dates are now correctly printed on information compiled using the Item Query in Option 4.1.

Items can be looked up by Alternate Item ID in all invoicing and flyer Options.

When Inventory Levels are changed in 4.1 Edit, Multiple Items the changed (new) QOH is displayed after saving and reentering the Option.

5.1 Enter (Place) an Order

Corrected error that resulted in a quantity of one being displayed when an Item with a Case Quantity of on was entered with an order quantity greater than one.

6.16 Inventory Log

When Maintaining an Active inventory the Inventory Log correctly reflects accurate information for Items merged using Option 4.1, Merge.

6.3 Adjust Inventory Levels By Item

Inventory adjustments can now be made for multiple Items without error.

8.7 Process Electronic Invoices

Selection of items for a price change now shows a header on the columns to identify the information in each column.

New items can now be added using an Item Category Margin to calculate their SRP.

10.5.5 Receive a Periodic Inventory Count From a Tab Delineated File

Items that come in from a file with their item code as a price embedded bar code or a weight embedded bar code are now handled correctly. CoPOS extracts the PLU codes from the bar code, ignoring the price or weight embedded in the code. CoPOS uses the weight or quantity counted in the second column.

Fixes Affecting Multiple Options

More accurate error messages when attempting to send files to full or non-existent media.

System Contant Changes/Fixes

#34 Print/Scan Price Instead of Weight on Repack Label Barcodes

This System Constant now works correctly when conduction a Periodic Inventory Count in CoSAT. When this System Constant is set to Y users are prompted to enter weight and the price is entered automatically when an Item with a bulk repack label is scanned. When the System Constant is set to N CoPOS reads the weight on bulk repack labels.

#89 Block Overdue Members from Receiving Member Discounts/Pricing

Controls whether overdue Members are eligible for any Member only sales or Member only pricing.

#216 Allow Cashiers to Delete Member Notes at Register

Member Notes that are displayed at the Register can now be deleted at the Register

#217 Show Green Status instead of Date on Shelf Tags

When the System Constant is set to Y the Green Status replaced the Date Printed on Shelf Tags.

#218 Default Coupon Type is Store Coupon

Store Coupon is highlighted when a coupon is applied to a sale.

#221 Allow Viewing Member Dues Status From Register

When this System Constant is set to Y, users can view Member Dues/Equity status when pressing F4 then selecting [Pay Dues] at the Register.

#222 Password Protect Open Drawer Option

When this System Constant is set to Y, the User must enter a Default Password before the cash register drawer is opened.

#223 Restrict Login to One Station at a Time

User Security must be turned on to use this System Constant. Setting this System Constant to Y restricts the User from logging into more than one station at a time.

#224 Require Password When Entering or Voiding a Sale

User Security must be enabled and System Constant 67 must be set to Y in order to use System Constant 224. Once these prerequisites are in place, Users will be prompted to enter their password when entering or voiding sales. The “.I” option to remove cashier initials is disabled when this System Constant is set to Y.

#225 Block Deletion of Special Orders at Register

When this System Constant is set to Y, Users are not able to delete Special Orders that have been received more than 30 days in the past.

CoSAT Changes/Fixes

Items flagged for shelf tag printing in CoSAT are now correctly displayed in View Items Flagged For Shelf Tags in CoSAT. These Lists are now correctly imported to CoPOS as well.

CoSAT now correctly scan 6 digit PLUs when scanning random weight barcodes created by CoPOS with System Constant 33 set to Y.



Software Update 3.6.3