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Software Update 3.6.2

    Important Notes

    CoPOS has refined Periodic Inventory Counts and Active Inventory. Please see the Active Inventory Fixes and Features document for detailed notes regarding these features.

    Integrated Credit Card Processing is now available. Please contact CoPOS Support for more information.

    Option 6.22 Replace Nil QOH with Zero has been added for all Active Inventory Users. This Option will need to be run upon installation of Update 3.6.2 to insure an accurate Active Inventory is maintained.

    New and Changed Features

    • 3.1 Sales Recap

    Added F10 Help Text. Press F10 to highlight line items and press Enter to view Help Text. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the report.

    • 4.4 Member Enter/Edit/List/Query

    Field 16 (Installments) can now be changed to mark a Member as paid in full without them having to meet their payment obligations.

    •  6.10 Enter Inventory Reduction/Transfer Incidents

    The ten most recent transfer or reduction incidents are displayed on the screen when a new incident is entered.

    •  6.12 Inventory Reduction/Transfer Detail

    The SRP is now exported on the Spoilage Detail Export (6.12)

    •  3.20 Daily Sales by Item

    View gross profit for Items at regular price and sale price for Items marked with a “!”after compiling a list of Items and choosing to View Detail.

    •  CoSAT Option 1.2 Receive the Item File sent from CoPOS

    A Choice Bar has been added to this Option allowing Users to View Items and Import Status before Importing Items.



    • 1.1 Record a Sale

    . D clears the Membership field after a tax exempt Member is entered.

    •  1.1 Record a Sale

    Both .DO and [-] Enter correctly enter a deposit paid out at the Register. They both work correctly when Store Coupons are applied. The User is prompted to return the correct amount to the Customer.

    •  1.1 Record a Sale

    A User must respond yes or no before continuing when an Item with an age minimum is scanned. If the user continues to scan items the cursor remains on the word CHOOSE on the choice bar.

    •  1.1 Record a Sale

    The use of G in the Other line of the Payment Method field now works correctly when System Constant 82 is set to Y.

    •  1.1 Record a Sale

    The amount of a Declining Balance Gift Card is accurately filled in in the Other field. Using .Enter to split the payment with another tender type works correctly in both the F2 Payment box and extended F2 Payment box. Manually entering additional funds also works correctly.

    1.3 Enter a Return

    Declining Balance Gift Cards generated by issuing a Store Credit during a Return are now recorded correctly. DBGC’s are now correctly linked to the Customers for whom they are created and are not duplicated.


    1.5 and 1.6 Record a Cash Payout and Record a Miscellaneous R/A (Monies In)

    When System Constant 67 is set to Y Users are prompted to enter their initials when recording Cash Payouts and Miscellaneous R/A’s.

    • 3.26 Best/Worst/Non Selling Items

    Lists of best and worst selling Items now print and export correctly.

    •  4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

    Small Shelf Tags correctly printing regular and sale pricing in response to the corresponding prompts.

    •  4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

    Editing the price field (field 8) for individual and random weight Items no longer returns the User to the previous screen.

    • 4.1 Item Enter/Edit/List/Query

    Viewing the Current QOH compiled from a New Query and sorted by the Rightmost column now works correctly. Users are no longer prompted to enter a range of dates. Sorting the Rightmost column by the Current QOH is not an Option when System Constant 5 is set to N.

    •  4.4 Member Enter/Edit/List/Query

    Declining Balance Gift Cards are now correctly assigned to the Into Member when receiving a DBGC from a Merge Member.

    • 4.17 View Delete Lists

    Added the ability to add/edit lists created in either CoPOS or CoSAT.

    •  7.14 New Member Signups

    Secondary Member names are included in the list of exported Members.

    •  8.8.8 Process CoPOS Sales Files

    The starting and ending dates of sales processed through the CoPOS sales file now work correctly when specified in the file.

    •  8.9 Item Pricing Worksheet

    Added the ability to save Items to a List. The Item Pricing Worksheet can now be printed and exported as well.

    •  9.1 (Option 4) Item Price Rounding Method

    Items are saved to a List when the rounding method is changed. The saved List can be used to print Shelf Tags for the changed SRP’s.

    •  8.22 Print Multiple Shelf Tags

    Shelf Tags can now be printed for Items on Future Sale. Users can specify whether or not to have the words “future sale” printed on tags.


    System Constant Changes

    System Constant 208 Float Margin Instead of Price in Price Calculator

    Controls whether the SRP or Margin is “floated” in the Price Calculator. When the SRP is floated, the Margin is fixed. This results in changes to Cost being reflected in the SRP, given the Margin (which is fixed). When the Margin is floated, Cost changes are not reflected in the SRP (SRP is fixed). The Margin is adjusted based on the Cost and SRP.


    System Constant 209 Block [+] and [–] Keys from Indicating Deposits In/Out

    Controls whether the [+] and [-] keys are blocked from indicated Deposits paid In or Deposits paid Out when entering Items in Record a Sale.


    System Constant 211 Process Other Payments via the Detailed Payment Box

    Controls whether payments entered in the “Other” field in Record a Sale are handled via the Detailed Payment Box. The Detailed Payment Box shows all methods of payment.