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Software Update 3.6.1


  • Always install CoPOS updates after hours.
  • After installation make sure CoPOS is at the Main Menu, guaranteeing your staff a working system in the morning.
  • CoPOS has Added a twenty- fifth (25) line. This allows for more information to be displayed on the screen. Those of you who have not installed Update 3.6.0, should perform the following steps BEFORE installing this release please make the following changes to all Logic Boxes by performing the four steps listed below:
    • 1) Press Ctrl Scroll Lock to enter Setup Mode.
    • 2) Press F3 key. Page Length should be set to 25. If it is not, change this by pressing the Space Bar until the number 25 is highlighted.
    • 3) Screen lengths should be set to 26. If it is not, use the right arrow key to highlight screen length. Set screen length by pressing the Space Bar.
    • 4) Save your settings by pressing the [PAUSE/BREAK] key. This key is the upper left-most key.


  • When User Security is in effect, the Store Name is displayed in place of the Store License Number.
  • Shelf Tag pricing has been made more robust. We have also created the Standard Shelf Tag Printing Guide to assist with shelf tag printing and various combinations of System Constants and prompts. See the Standard-Shelf-Tag-Printing-Guide to learn more.


  • Menu 1.1- Record a Sale
    • Added the ability to view ALL open DBGCs. Enter “G/” or “N/” in the Member section to do this.
    • “.C” and “.W” are no longer used to remove a cashier’s initials. “.I” now performs this function.
    • Added the ability to create a Member from a Customer. At the register, this is done via the following steps:
    • 1) Enter “*N” at the Member Field.
    • 2) Enter “C/” followed by the first four letters of the Customer’s last or first name or any combination thereof.
    • 3) Upon identifying the Customer, their name and address will be filled in. Proceed as you would normally do when entering a Member.
  • Menu 2 – Receivables (IOU) Options
    • Only Members with IOUs can be selected by using the [F1] list feature in all IOU Options.
  • Menu 3.15 – Print Repack Labels
    • A warning is now issued when more a line has more than 30 capital letters alerting you to the possibility of the right-hand margin being exceeded when printing Dual Perf Repack Labels.
  • Menu 4 – Database Options
    • Items on a Hotlist can now be searched using the [=Text] syntax in the same manner as they are when searching for an Item by name in Enter a Sale.


  • Menu- 1.1- Enter a Sales
    • All payment methods are now calculated correctly when used with EBT.
  • Menu 3.15- Print Repack Labels
    • Items with Bulk Labels printed via Option 3.15 now scan correctly at the register using any combinations of System Constants #33 and 54. When editing the System Constants, System Constant #54 is automatically set to “N” when System Constant #33 is set to “Y”.
  • 7.6 – Member Newsletter Ststus
    • Member Newsletter Status is now correctly interpreted in all cases when using Option 7.6.
  • Menus 8.22 and 8.23 Print MULTIPLE Sale Tags Print ONE Sale Tag
    • Sale and Shelf tags now correctly print on small (HABA) tags.


  • Added the ability to edit and view System Constants by category. This breaks a large task down to smaller pieces making it easier to do.
  • System Constant 205 (Show ONLY the Non-Sale Price on Shelf Tags – Req #139=Y).
  • System Constant 206 (Show the Qty/Case on Shelf Tags – Requires LPQ06 Shelf Tag).
  • System Constant 207 (Require Initials When Entering IOU Payments via Option 2.7).

Software Update 3.6.1