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Don’t rush the clock!  Always install CoPOS updates after-hours in the evening.


  • After the installation, always make sure CoPOS is at the Main Menu, guaranteeing your staff a working system in the morning.
  • CoPOS can print your store’s logo on receipts.  Each printer will need to be programmed with your store’s logo.  You have two options for software.  If you have an Apple Mac computer:  Download the LabelScope App from Semireg Industries.  LabelScope will program BIXOLON receipt printers with a graphic logo.  In addition to receipt printers, LabelScope can be used to print complex graphics to Zebra label printers.  Questions about LabelScope can be directed to or  If you have a Windows computer:  Download NV Image from BIXOLON.  You must download the correct version for your label printer.
  • If you are upgrading from CoPOS versions prior to V3.4, this update contains an additional program to calculate member sales for each department.  This process may take several hours to complete.


  • Search “CoPOS Integrated Help”. For example to search options with the word MEMBER, type MEMBER at the Main Menu.  Page Up and Page Down will show multiple pages of the Help option.
  • The Daylight Savings Time prompt has been moved from CoPOS to Linux.  This  means that those users still on CoPOS DOS will need to change the time when  Daylight Savings Time resumes on the second Sunday in March.
  • Easily enter the first and last day of the month with “M” and “H” shortcuts in From Date and Thru Date options where the day of the month is specified in Reports and Queries.
  • Hidden Option – Type CDS at the Main Menu to process the Produce Spreadsheet created by Mel Braverman.  Print shelf tags for changed items after saving.


Shelf Tags

  • Red, orange, and green tags now in stock!  Order tags for member-only sales, weekly promotions, and much more.  Your members will love how easy it is to shop by color-coded tags.
  • Print a barcode-only shelf tag.  CoPOS sells adhesive small-sized labels for labeling your non-barcoded items.  Call for details.  Printing a PLU as a barcode is controlled by System Constant #138.
  • Print Member-Only prices.

CoPOS Features

  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale
    • Selling memberships as Paid In Full (not in installments) and then changing the paid dues using F4 results in the following message “Can’t Edit – New Member Signed Up and Marked as Paid In Full”.
    • Made changing the Member Payment components easier by prompting for the Repayment Schedule when any of its components get changed.
    • Added search terms to include “/” +Dept#. For example use +pizza-che/1 to find items in department 1 which contain the word Pizza but excludes Cheese.
    • Customers can be searched via first names in addition to last names. Use C/, to prefix the customer’s first name in the Member Field.
  • Menu 1.8 – Sales Query – Added a new Raffle feature. Use 1.8 Sales Query and restrict to Members Only. Use Poll option from choice bar, select the # of  members to include and save the list. Now use 1.4.1 Enter/Recharge Gift Card and type *POLL to randomly select a member from the list.  Choose Gratuity for the payment method to generate the Gift Card.
  • Menu 1.20 – Price Check – added ability to print a shelf tag from this option.
  • Menu 2.7 – Enter IOU Payments/Credits – When entering a payment/credit a  warning message appears if the register session has not been opened.
  • Menu 3.15 – Print Bulk Repack Labels – Ability to print bulk repack labels for random weight items sold by the bag. Enter “0” in the Weight prompt.
  • Menu 4.1 – Item Database
    • Item Enter/Edit/Query – Consignment criteria search displays correct results.
    • Item Enter/Edit/Query – The dash symbol (-) can be used when entering UPC codes for easier on screen reading.
    • After Save & Continue cursor now returns to Quit instead of Edit. This removes confusion as to whether or not changes were saved.
  • Menu 4.1 and 4.4 – Item and Member Queries – Use F11 to sort options in checklists alphabetically before selecting criteria.
  • Menu 4.4 -Member Enter/Edit
    • Print a member address label from Save and Continue
    • Member Enter/Edit/Query – Edit member payments via the Query feature.
    • Editing payments will not affect the Daily Sales Recap or the X-tape for the specified posting date. Change System Constants 186 and 187 prior to using this feature.
  • Menu 4.8 – Supplier (Vendor) Enter/Edit/List – Added space to allow extension number in phone number field (#7)
  • Menu 4.16 – Delete Lists – Lists can be deleted using this option. Restrict by type for Items, Members, or both.
  • Menu 4.17 – Merge Log – You can now view a log of merges.
  • Menu 5.1 & 5.2 – Special Orders – Added the price calculator to field #7 when adding items.
  • Menu 5.15 – Special Order Sales by Item – Added the Total Sales column to this report.
  • Menu 6.7 – Receive a Shipment – Enter items using their SKU numbers when  working off of a packing slip to receive shipments. Type S/###### where # is  the SKU number from the packing slip.
  • Menu 6.13 – Inventory Sheets – Adjusted the Print Inventory Sheets Option to have the “modern”  features of reports within CoPOS.  Added the Active Items Only inclusion or exclusion option.
  • Menu 6.22 – Multiple Inactive Items – can be reactivated in one quick session.  This is done using Option 6.23 (Selectively Activate Items).  This new option closely  resembles Option 6.22 (Selectively Inactivate Items), however, there is no Date  Cutoff.
  • Menu 7.3 – Enter/View Member Days – member day discounts are capped  appropriately with regard to member discounts in 9.1
  • Menu 7.12 – New Member Signups – After compiling a query use Right Column  to display Paid When Joined, Equity, or Total Paid information.
  • Menu 10.5.1 – Sent Items to CoSAT for a Periodic Inventory Count – Allow for the Exclusion of Special Order Only Items when Exporting Periodic  Inventory to CoSAT (10.5.1).  The default will be to include all Items  irrespective of S/O Status.


  • Multiple Menus – Printing on multiple printer types on all tags/labels re-aligned and more robust.
  • Multiple Menus – Change Save As when exporting files correctly saves the changed file name.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale – Removal of discount correctly recalculates total  when after navigation to the Payment Method box has occurred.
  • Menu 4.1 – Running Query for items within a Group pulls appropriate items.
  • Item Query – Searching Green Information retrieves correct set of items.
  • Menu 7.13 – New Member Signups – Page Up/Page Down works correctly when  multiple pages are displayed.
  • Menu 8.22 – Ability to print future sale tags fixed.
  • Menu 8.12 – Item prices correctly display on screen when using a query or  filters.
  • Menu 8.20 – Shelf tags print clearly with no overlapping text.
  • Menu 10.1.10 – Employee hours by Task and by Employee tally correctly. Controlled by System Constant #90.


  • System Constant 187 and 186 – turning both of these on allows the user to edit payments in 7.1.  Payments can be posted here using a past date. Using the same Payment Date (field #2 in 7.1) as the Transaction Date will affect the Daily Sales Recap for the specified Transaction Date. Using a previous Payment Date and today’s Transaction Date will post the payment to today’s Daily Sales Recap. Option 4.4 can also be used to edit member payments from query results.  For example, run a query for members who are not current in their dues. Use Member Detail once the list is compiled and select Edit Payments from the choice bar.
  • System Constant 186 – Allow Past Payments to be Posted Without Altering Equity In. This System Constant allows historical payments to be made without affecting the daily sales recap.
  • System Constant 139 – Set to Yes, the sale price is not displayed on shelf tags when printing from 4.1 but the word indicating that the item is on sale is displayed.

Software Update 3.5.2