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Don’t rush the clock!  Always install CoPOS updates after-hours in the evening.


  • After the installation, always make sure CoPOS is at the Main Menu, guaranteeing your staff a working system in the morning.
  • This update contains a one-time program to:
    • Copy/paste item ingredients between standard and expanded bulk repack labels
  • If you are upgrading from CoPOS versions prior to V3.4, this update contains an additional program to calculate member sales for each department.  This process may take several hours to complete.


  • Redesigned CoSAT
  • Menu 11 – Help and Resources


  • Shelf Tags
    • Red, orange, and green tags now in stock.  Order tags for member-only sales, weekly promotions, and much more.  Your members will love how easy it is to shop by color-coded tags.
    • Print a barcode-only shelf tag.  CoPOS sells adhesive small-sized labels for your non-barcoded items.  Call for details.  Printing a PLU as a barcode is controlled by System Constant #138.
    • Print member-only prices on shelf tags.
  • Menu 1.1 – Record a Sale
    • Calculate all items eligible for WIC.  Controlled by 4.1 > Edit Item > Save and Continue and 9.1 > System Constant #32
    • Menu 1.8 – Sales Query – Find sales which include an item’s price.  Enter $X.XX when using the Purchased Item criteria at the item prompt. Press F10 at the item prompt to access field specific help.
  • Menu 1.12.5 – Gift Cards Purchased (Balancing Tools) – Displays both paper and  declining balance gift cards.
  • Menu 1.16 – Tally a Closed Register Session – Type ” LAST” in field 2 for session number.
  • Menu 3.15 – Print Bulk Repack Labels – Items sold by each prints the correct total if more than 1 item is sold.
  • Menu 4.1 – Item Database
    • Edit Multiple Items, Single Field – A value on any line can auto-fill by typing “.” on the next line(s).
  • Menu 4.4 – Member Query –
    • New “Refresh” option under More in the compiled query results.
    • Print a member address label
  • Menu 5.1 – Special Orders – 
    • Notes display in 1.1 Record a Sale
    • “Receive All Items” is the default when recoding (sp) special orders.  Controlled by System Constant #35.
  • Menu 7.2 – Refund Equity to Inactivate Members – Members can no longer be deactivated using Menu 7.2.  Use Menu 4.4 instead. 
  • Menu 8.7 – Electronic Invoices
    • Simplified menus when there are no price changes.
    • Support for alternate item codes using the CoPOS Standard Invoice
    • Vendor discount will only affect cost when using invoice SRP.  Main Menu 4.8 > Vendor Enter/Edit > Save & Cont > #1 Specify Electronic Invoice Settings.  Reflect Discount in SRP?  Choose No.
    • If unprinted, shelf tags can be loaded from the list in 8.19 Print Multiple Shelf Tags.
  • Menu 9.1 – System Constants

    • Set the default bulk label size.  Save & Continue > Option #5 Default Bulk Repack Label Size.
    • Number 135: Show PLU Code after Item Description when Entering Sales/Returns.


  • Exported files can be saved with a custom, two letter filename suffix.  The first six characters are reserved for CoPOS use.
  • Menu 1.1 – Register – UPC alternate code displays for Bulk Repack item
  • Menu 4.1 – Item Database (added a field for signage)
    • Editing Multiple Items, Single Fields – page up and down keys functioning correctly.
    • Print shelf tags restricted to items  with changed SRPs.
    • Changes made in the Supplier menu save correctly.
  • Menu 7.3 – Enter/View Member Days – Member day discounts respect member discount maximums in 9.1.
  • Menu 8.1 – Enter Item Prices – Items are displayed using the selected entry method (query, list, items entered, etc.).
  • Menu 8.7 – Electronic Invoices – Shelf Tag size selection.
  • Menu 8.12 – View Item Prices – Item prices correctly display on screen when using a query or  filters.
  • Menu 8.20 – Shelf Tag Printing – Less overlapping text.
  • Menu 10.1.10 – Employee Hours – Tally by Task and Employee. Controlled by System Constant #90.

Software Update – 3.5.1