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  • Print small, 1.25″ square shelf tags for use in merchandising narrow items common in HABA and supplement departments.  This feature works with CoPOS shelf labels and shelf tags.  A new 1.25″-sized perforated label is coming soon.


  • View total outstanding gift card balances using Gift Card Inquiry (1.4.8)
  • Item Query syntax updated to “” for missing, * for wildcard (6.20)
  • Item Query can print shelf tags (6.20)
  • Price check at any menu when item is scanned
  • Print up to 99 identical shelf tags at one time (4.1)
  • Print future prices on shelf tags (8.6 and 8.8.8)
  • System Constant 164: Confirm employee discount while recording a sale
  • Enhanced Overdue Special Order with more information (5.14)
  • Price check includes 2-tier pricing information


  •  Member number assignment when system constant 110 is enabled
  • Alignment of bulk repack labels on 3844Z and 2844Z
  • Problem with displaying the last query criteria
  • Print shelf tags only when SRP changes now works (8.8.8)
  • Member query filters newsletter status when member receives newsletter via mail or email
  • Returns query export
  • Rare zero quantity in record a sale


  • Abbreviation for “Department” is always “Dept” and abbreviation for “Deposit” is always “Dep”

Software Update – v3.1