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Now is the time to modernize your store by replacing your weary Logic Boxes with CoTERMs.

Why is NOW the Time?

1. Logic Boxes are no longer being made; so, when one fails, we will be unable to replace it.

2. Advantages of CoTERMs over Logic Boxes:

  1. More robust, resulting in fewer problem calls.
  2. Faster and cleaner video.
  3. File transfer via USB (no need to go to the server to move files). This feature is in the final stages of testing and is due to be released shortly.
  4. Easier diagnostics.
  5. No reprogramming.
  6. Modern hardware; supports supermarket grade scanner scales and other USB devices.
  7. Backwards compatible with most existing CoPOS hardware.

3. Due to an increase in our cost, we will be raising the price of CoTERMs from $500 to $600 as of January 1, 2018.

4. If you order by December 31, 2017, you can lock in the lower price of $500. PLUS, we will include an 8-port Network Switch (a $100 value) FREE or a 16-port Network Switch (a $200 value) for $100. If you already have a Network Switch, you will receive a $100 credit on your total.

How are we going to pay for these new CoTERMs?

  1. No need to pay until January 1, 2018. (Of course, you may pay earlier if you like to take advantage of tax benefits).
  2. If the cost of buying CoTERMs seems a little out of reach at this time, CALL US (855-772-6767). We provide financing.

Contact us for a quote (855-772-6767) or

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