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Welcome to the CoPOS Newsletter. Here you can find the latest on all things CoPOS.

Newsletter Spotlight

User Security Updates

User security has been significantly improved to greater protect the information in your CoPOS system. Both users and menu options throughout CoPOS can be set to specific security levels to restrict some users from using specified options. All User Security Options can be found in 10.11 from the main menu. User Security must be turned on in Field #5 of Option 9.1 (Enter/Edit Store Setting) before User Security Options will be applied. An overview of User Security can be found on the User Guide page in the Resources menu with the file name “User Security Overview.”

What’s new

ATTENTION: The newest release of CoPOS, Version 3.6.5, is now available! There were many fixes and improvements in this release. With such a substantial release it is of utmost importance that the time is taken to read the release notes that are available on the CoPOS website at:

One of these new features is the ability to print a select range of the pages you want from a report! Tired of printing off 10 pages of items when you only need the information on pages 3 and 4? Well, no more! CoPOS has made it possible to print a specified page or range of pages from within a list or report. This will save both paper and time. Look for this new option the next time you go to print a report or list. Please note that most reports have been given this new functionality; however, if you have a favorite report that did not get updated, let us know.

Coming soon!

CoPOS is working on a new data exchange project with the food wholesaler Upper Lakes Foods (ULF) based out of Cloquet, MN. When this project is completed, a CoPOS user will be able to download the ULF invoice directly from the ULF website to their CoPOS server. Currently this project is in the testing phase. The invoice integration between ULF and CoPOS will work in a similar fashion to the invoice integration that currently exists with UNFI. Not a customer of Upper Lakes Foods? Do you want your wholesaler to integrate with CoPOS? Contact your wholesaler and ask them to get in touch with Jeremy ( to start the process. Are you tired of copying your SPINS data to USB, changing the file name and emailing it to SPINS? Do you sometimes forget to do this during your busy work week? If so this new update to CoPOS will make you happy. As long as your CoPOS server is connected to the internet, CoPOS can now automatically send your SPINS data at the end of your SPINS week. CoPOS and SPINS think this will be of great convenience and offer more accurate data. CoPOS has been working closely with SPINS and can help you get set up by adding your store’s SPINS information into CoPOS. Please contact CoPOS for assistance in configuring this new feature. The automatic SPINS upload feature will be available in CoPOS Release 3.6.5A due out at the end of November.

For Your Information

In observance of the upcoming holidays, the following are the dates the CoPOS office will be closed:

  • Thanksgiving: Office is closed November 26 and November 27
  • Christmas Day: Office closed December 25
  • New Year’s Day: Office closed January 1, 2016

We will still be available for emergency support as outlined in our emergency support policy below.

Reminder: Our emergency policy

If at any time you have any questions, feel free to send a detailed email to or call us at 1.855.772.6767. We will be available to help you from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday. We are also available for emergency support outside of our regular office hours. Emergencies include:

  • An entire system lockup or shutdown.
  • An event that prevents you from ringing up any sales.
  • Pricing that affects accurate transactions.

All other problems will be addressed during scheduled office hours.

November 2015 Newsletter