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Greetings from CoPOS! We’re excited to launch our bi-monthly newsletter to keep you informed of all things CoPOS.

Updates & Changes

A new version of CoPOS is on the way! Be on the lookout for another email around June 1 when the new version is anticipated to release. This release will contain significant changes to UNFI invoice downloads. Stay tuned!

Important warranty changes: With summer fast approaching it is time to consider the effects of power outages and surges on your CoPOS system. The server needs to be protected with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also called a battery backup. Declining to do so will null and void the limited warranty should a failure occur, as well as introducing the possibility of corrupting your database.


Above you can see an example of a UPS. Notice that there are two types of power outlets: surge protection and battery backup surge protection. Your server and its monitor should be plugged into the battery backup surge outlets. These are the only devices that need to be plugged into battery backup outlets. CoTERMs may also be plugged into these, but it is not necessary. All other devices should be plugged into surge protection outlets. DO NOT plug thermal or laser printers into battery backup outlets.

Did You Know?

Ficticious Label w Overlay

Your logo rocks! Why not put it on your bulk repack labels? Repack labels can be customized to any logo or design and are a great way to brand your store. If this is something you are interested in, contact Amber at for more information.

What’s New

Two new kiosk functions for bulk items have been added to CoPOS: the Weigh and Label Kiosk as well as the Price Lookup and Label Kiosk. If you would like to see how these would work at your store go to [web page] for further info.

Helpful Hints

If you aren’t sure where the option you are looking for is located, search for it! At the main menu, just type a keyword and hit enter. CoPOS will pull up all options with that word or phrase included in its name. For example, if you want to print address labels for members, but are not sure where that option is, type “address” in the main menu. The option you are looking for will pop up in the list generated.

Reminder: Our Emergency Policy

If at any time you have any questions feel free to send a detailed email to or call us at 1.855.772.6767. We will be available to help you from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.

We are also available for emergency support outside of our regular office hours. Emergencies include:

An entire system lockup or shutdown.
An event that prevents you from ringing up sales.
Pricing that affects accurate transactions.

All other problems will be addressed during scheduled office hours.

May 2015 Newsletter