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January 2016 Newsletter

    Welcome to the CoPOS Newsletter. Here you can find the latest on all things CoPOS.

    Newsletter Spotlight

    New Release 

    CoPOS is excited to announce the release of CoPOS v3.6.5B. Although this was primarily a maintenance release necessitated by a bug related to printing sale tags, CoPOS took the opportunity to include a host of simple but powerful new features:

    1. A cashier can now do a return while in the middle of a sales transaction. CoPOS provides the ability to go to the return option while ringing up items. After processing the return, the cashier can continue with the sales transaction.
    1. CoPOS now allows the use of coupons that are applied to the entire sales basket. No more need to apply a coupon to a certain item. These store-wide coupons can even be set up to increase in value as the basket size increases.
    1. Deli managers can now import their ingredients en masse and also download them from the Costguard deli cost and management software (no affiliation with CoPOS).
    1. Finally, CoPOS added the ability to create, delete, edit and import lists. Managers and membership coordinators can now print Out-of-Stock tags to help keep your customers informed as to when a product is due back in the store. This feature is very basic at the moment, but we have plans to integrate it with the supplier information and trucking schedules to make this more automatic.

    Get all the details regarding these great new features in the Release Notes or as a PDF directly by clicking here

    Periodic Inventory and CoSAT

    Periodic inventory only happens a handful of times a year and can come with its own set of problems. Your CoSAT shouldn’t be one of them. To ensure that it is in good working order, it should be tested no less than one (1) full week before the co-op intends to conduct inventory. This will give everyone involved the time to fix things if they are broken and piece of mind if everything is working right. Another way to ensure that your CoSAT laptop is in working order is to use it more often.

    Pricing and label printing on the CoSAT has been improved. There is now the ability to mark items as Out-of-Stock and print Out-of-Stock tags directly from the CoSAT.

    REMEMBER: CoSATs that require Zip disks and a CoPOS DOS server are not supported by CoPOS.

    For Your Information

    CoPOS will be closed in observance of the following holidays in 2016:

    • Friday, January 1                   New Year’s Day
    • Monday, May 30                   Memorial Day
    • Monday, July 4                      Independence Day
    • Monday, September 24       Labor Day
    • Thursday, November 24      Thanksgiving Day
    • Monday, December 26        Christmas Holiday

    We will still be available for emergency support as outlined in our emergency support policy below.

    Reminder: Our emergency policy

    If at any time you have any questions, feel free to send a detailed email to or call us at 1.855.772.6767. We will be available to help you from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday. We are also available for emergency support outside of our regular office hours. Emergencies include:

    • An entire system lockup or shutdown.
    • An event that prevents you from ringing up any sales.
    • Pricing that affects accurate transactions.

    All other problems will be addressed during scheduled office hours.