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Welcome to the CoPOS Newsletter. Here you can find the latest on all things CoPOS.

TAGS: LPQ06 (2.25”X1.25”)
With the new year approaching, isn’t it time to ramp up the look of your co-op?  We can help you.  CoPOS offers tags in 6 different colors.  We have traditional white shelf tags, but, in addition, we have lime, apple, sunshine, pumpkin and purple.  These additional colors can help to highlight sales or other aspects of your products you want to showcase, such as:  local, fair trade, or non-GMO, to name a few.  Prices and colors can be viewed on our website (  Keep in mind that the colors that appear on individual monitors may vary.   If you would like to see the tags in their true colors, we would be happy to mail you a sample of the colored tags at no cost.  Simply give us a call at (855) 772-6767, or send an email to requesting the samples.


We have deployed the in-counter scanner/scales at more co-ops. Below are quotes from two co-ops that have made the switch:

“Our cashiers have been very pleased with the new scanner/scales from CoPOS. These units have allowed for speedier checkout at the registers – resulting in happier customers and staff. We have been able to upgrade two of our four registers and hope to proceed with upgrades to the other two as finances allow. We highly recommend this technology over the separate scanner “guns” and scales that we were using prior to the upgrades.”  Nate Furler, Marketing and Outreach Manager

“The new scanner/scale is great. It’s faster, more sensitive, and looks better than our old scale and hand held scanner. It has made a big difference in the checkout experience. We have many volunteers and learning and using the new scanner/scale was a breeze.”  Riverwest Co-op


With the MDI interface enabled in CoPOS, the user downloads the MDI Host File directly into CoPOS.  The Host File is updated on the MDI FTP server on a weekly basis and can be downloaded directly into CoPOS using option 8.8.10, Custom Price Changes (From External Sources).  The Host File contains new items that can be added to CoPOS directly, and it includes a code for the department number so that items can be added without any user input.  In addition, the file contains the current and future SRP’s and costs for all items in the warehouse, including the date the SRP and cost changes occur.  The Host File also contains current and future sale information, including the sale begin and end dates.  This information can all be added into CoPOS without ever having to use a USB Flash Drive or another computer.  CoPOS looks forward to the time when UNFI will complete their EDI interface testing and allow CoPOS to do the same for UNFI products.  Please contact CoPOS if you are interesting in contacting UNFI to request that they promptly complete their testing on the CoPOS EDI interface.


In observance of the upcoming holidays, CoPOS will be closed on the following dates:

  • Monday, December 26       Christmas
  • Monday, January 2, 2017   New Years Day

We will still be available for emergency support as outlined in our emergency support policy below.

Reminder: Our emergency policy

If at any time you have any questions, feel free to send a detailed email to or call us at 1.855.772.6767. We are available to help you from 8 am – 6 pm CST, Monday-Friday.

We are also available for emergency support outside of our regular office hours. Emergencies are:

  • An entire system lockup or shutdown.
  • An event that prevents you from ringing up any sales.
  • Pricing that affects accurate transactions.

All other problems will be addressed during scheduled office hours.

December 2016 Newsletter