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New Features in CoPOS

    • Email Receipts
    • Automatic Backup and Shutdown
    • Automatic Email Alerts for Successful Backups
    • Loyalty Program
    • Integrated Credit Card Improvements
    • List Selection Now Prompts for Cutoff Date
    • New Report Added: Individual Sales By Department
    • Training Mode Improvements
    • Incentive Program
    • Consignor Tracking
    • Three Tier Sales Tax

    Email Receipts
    CoPOS now lets you send sales receipts via email to Members that have an email address already set up on file. To turn on this feature, set system constant #311=y, making sure the customer has a valid email address in option 4.4 (Member Database).  Now, when you record a sale in CoPOS, there will be an option to email the receipt, print the receipt, or not to receive a receipt. The email will come from “”

    • Note that, if the Member has no email address on file, the option to email the receipt will be greyed out.
    • Note that, if you want to default to an email receipt for an individual customer, edit their email address in option 4.4 (Member Database), field 9, confirm the existing email address and then answer [Yes] to the prompt that asks “Does Member Prefer Emailed Sales Receipts?” This makes “Email Receipt” the default choice at the register for this Member.

    Automatic Backup and Shutdown
    Backing up is essential for data security. To make backing up easier, an automatic backup and shutdown option has been added in CoPOS.  You can now set up a schedule to back up and then shut down at a specified time every night. This feature has the added benefit of improving performance. CoPOS has found that the system runs better when it is shut down on a nightly basis.

    Setting up automatic backups is done through the CoPOS controller. To set up the schedule, and which functions will be done in the backup, select Automate Backup from the Backup menu.

    This is one of our most important new features. Working with over 60 stores around the nation, CoPOS has seen a wide variety of natural disasters and hardware failures. A good backup will enable you to be back up and running swiftly.

    Automatic Email Alerts for Successful Backups
    It is now possible to receive an email when a backup successfully concludes. To set this up,

    • Enter Option 9.1 (Store Settings)
    • Select [Save (and Continue)]
    • Select option 1 “Store Name and Address”
    • Set up an Email Address by using the option [Edit a Field(s)] and selecting Field 19
    • Instruct CoPOS to send the emails by responding “Y” to Field 20

    Upon successful completion of a backup being written to the USB flash drive, CoPOS will send an email that states the date and time of the successful backup.  The email will come from the account “” If no email is sent, the backup was not successful.

    Loyalty Program
    CoPOS also lets you set up a Loyalty Program in which individuals can earn points whenever they make a purchase. These Loyalty Points can then be redeemed at later sales. In addition, reporting on accruals and usage is available.

    Integrated Credit Card Improvements
    There are many new improvements to the way Credit Cards are processed in CoPOS. Highlights include:

    • The customer can swipe or insert their card at any time
    • Two or even three credit cards can be processed in one transaction
    • Ability to handle EBT Cash
    • Elimination of signature requirement (a signature is no longer required by the credit card companies)
    • The store can add a logo to the credit card machine.

    This new version has been running for a many months at a handful of locations and we have gotten nothing but positive feedback.

    List Selection Now Prompts for Cutoff Date
    When making your selection from Item or Member Lists, a prompt for a cutoff date is issued.  If this prompt is answered, only those Lists created on or after the specified date are shown in the selection box.  This is an easy way to reduce the number of lists to sort through when using lists. (#1959)

    When making your selection from any Item or Member List, you will be prompted for a cutoff date. If a date is provided, only those Lists created on or after the specified date are shown in the selection box.  This is an easy way to reduce the number of lists to sort through.

    New Report Added: Individual Sales By Department
    CoPOS added a new report in Menu #3 (Reports/Labels/Graphs Options): “Individual Sales By Department.”
    To create the report, select 3.12 from the Main Menu. Note that Options 12 and below shifted down one.
    This report shows the sum of sales from a particular Department across a date range.  Any sale involving an Item belonging to the specified Department is listed. For each sale, the report lists:

    • Sale Date
    • Sale#
    • Member Name (if Sale was to a Member)
    • Number of items sold in this Sale in the specified Department [$Sold (Dept)]
    • Dollar value of the Items in the specified Department in this Sale [#Dept]
    • Total net sale [$Total]

    Training Mode Improvements
    CoPOS training mode is even better now, providing the trainee an opportunity to learn on your CoPOS system while in a “safe” environment. The Training Mode, which is completely separate from the “live” environment, provides most functions that are available within the standard CoPOS system, the exceptions being imports and exports.
    To access Training Mode: At the Username prompt, enter Username train.

    Incentive Program
    CoPOS now lets you set up one of the many USDA administered incentive programs, for example, Double-Up Food Bucks and Fresh Savings. All of these programs work by accruing monies when purchasing eligible Items using EBT. Users can then redeem a specified percentage, up to a given daily amount, when purchasing other Items at a later sale. CoPOS lets you enroll Users, establish the eligible Items along with the percentage off, maximum usage amount and any Department restrictions. Monthly Statutory reports are available.

    Consignor Tracking
    This new feature lets you:

    • Set up Consignors
    • Associate Items with Consignors
    • Specify the Consignors percentage
    • List Sales by Consignor
    • Compute the amount owed to the Consignor

    Three Tier Sales Tax
    Triple tier sales tax structures are now supported. Sales Receipts and Sales functions involving Sales Tax, such as, “Enter a Sale,” now show taxable Items in tiered tax stores represented by:

    • T/Lo for Items taxed at the lower rate
    • T/Hi for Items taxed at the higher rate
    • T/+ for Items taxed at the highest

    A similar breakdown is shown for the Summary and Detailed Sales Tax options (3.3 and 3.4).