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How to Weigh and Label Bulk Coffee

CoPOS has a kiosk that lets you weigh bulk Items and print a label that can be scanned at the register.  Works great for weighing and labeling bulk coffee. For a demonstration of the Weigh and Label Kiosk feature, watch the video below (Time: 1:56).

Margin vs. Markup Explained

Here’s a very good video explaining Margin vs Markup.  Buyers may want to watch this video from the Below the Soil Video Series, below (Time: 9:36):

Margin = Cost of Goods / Margin Reciprocal

For specific margin data for your store, go to CoPOS options:
> 8.28 [Contributing Margin Inquiry]
> 8.29 [Margin Analysis by Item]
> 8.30 [Margin Analysis by Department]
> 8.31 [Cost of Goods Sold by Department]