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Year-end Gift Card Balance

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Go to option [1.4.12] Gift Card Inquiry.

For first 4 fields (i.e., From and Thru Purchase Dates, and Include Cards Recharged), press ENTER to accept defaults.

For field 5) As Of (Basis Date), type in the date of the last day of the year the query needs to search, for example, “12/31/2020.” Or, typing “L” and the last two digits of the year, for example, “L20” (last day of 2020) would find all the gift cards purchased prior to Dec 31, 2020.

Change field 6) Active Gift Cards Only to “N“. (Even if a gift card is currently inactive, if it had a balance on 12/31/2020, you want to see it.)

For fields 7) Gratuities/Credits Only through 10) Restrict to Member/Cust, press ENTER to accept defaults.

Press ENTER to [View Qualifying Gift Cards].

The Total Outstanding Gift Card Balance ($Outstg) is located in upper right hand corner of the screen.

The report can be viewed online, emailed to any valid email address or contact in the [10.8.1] Contact Database, printed or saved as a PDF (part of the Print option), Excel or Tab-Text (“flat”) file.

The $Outstg Balance includes Declining Balance Gift Card (DBGC) gift cards that were not used in the last year. If you want to see only the outstanding balances of the gift cards that were actually used in a particular year, run the report [1.4.13] Gift Card Activity.
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