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Using Training Mode

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Training mode must be enabled (only once) for it to be available to use. See KB article “Enabling Training Mode.”

In Training Mode, the trainee is able to access most CoPOS functionality, including using the Label and Receipt Printer, without affecting the main (live) database.
The Controller, System Printer and Credit Card Interface are not available.

Setting up Training Mode at the register

  • To start Training Mode Log on with user, Train.
    • At the Main Menu, type 12 to Log Out.
    • Press CTRL-C.
    • Type “train” to log on to CoPOS in Training mode.
      When in Training Mode, the Main Menu screen will display “CoPOS Training – Main Menu” at the top of the screen.
  • To quit the Training mode: At the Main Menu, type 12 to Log Out and press Enter.

Several resources are available for the trainee to learn about CoPOS. Menu option [11]Help and Resources,” and in particular, option [11.3.3] “Cashier Training” is a good place to start for a new employee. Pressing F10 at any Menu will give general help for Options in that Menu.

Using the current version of the live database

  • If you want the trainee to use a current version of the database, copy the Live database to Training.
    • At the Main Menu, type 13 to start the Controller.
    • Go to [9] “Copy Live to Training.”
    • Press “C” to confirm copy.

Automating Training Mode database updates

The Training Mode database can be automatically updated each time an automatic backup is completed. To set this up:

  1. Go to option [13]Controller – Main Menu
  2. [2]Controller > Backup
  3. [6]Automate Backup
  4. [2]Settings
  5. [1] “Enable/Disable
  6. By pressing the Spacebar, you can turn on/off Settings. When an option is turned on, there will be an asterisk. Use the Spacebar to enable “3 Copy Live to Training.”
  7. Make sure to Save the change. (Use left or right arrow keys to select Save.)
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