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Using the Gravity credit card terminal

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Standard integrated credit card transaction

For detailed instructions for a standard integrated credit card transaction, see the “Processing Credit Cards with Gravity” user guide on our User Guides page.

The device used as a Gravity credit card terminal is the PAX model s300.

If there is a problem with a credit card transaction, hit the RED X on the PAX device to redo the transaction.

If the cashier needs to scan another item after initiating the credit card process:

  1. Press the RED X on the PAX device to cancel the current transaction
  2. Scan the additional item into the sale
  3. Tender the new amount again
  4. Send the total to the Gravity credit card terminal to be processed again.

Customers can insert the chipped credit or debit card into the PAX device at any time while items are being rung up.

Notes for Using Integrated Credit Cards with CoPOS

Apple Pay / Android Pay / Tap to Pay

Apple Pay / Android Pay / Tap to Pay work with Gravity credit card terminals. If a customer is going to use “Tap to Pay,” they will have to wait until the cashier sends the transaction to the Gravity credit card terminal and the PAX device to display the transaction total and tell the user to “insert, swipe, or tap to pay.”

Using Cards that are Both Credit & Debit Cards

The system is designed to take credit cards, debit cards and cards that are both. If a card can be used as either a credit or debit card, the PAX device will ask the customer to enter their PIN. If the customer wants to use the card as a credit card, hit the green ENTER button on the PAX device to skip PIN entry and use the card as a credit card. To use the card as a debit card, enter the PIN.

Manual Entry of Credit Card Information

For phone orders, or if a credit card chip fails, or anytime you need to manually enter the credit card information manually, the cashier can type the credit card information directly into the PAX device.

  1. In CoPOS, choose the [Manual] option instead of the [Swipe] option.
  2. The PAX device will light up just the same as when you select [Swipe].
  3. Instead of inserting the card, type the credit card information into the PAX device.
  4. Enter the 16-digit credit card number, followed by the card expiration date, and the CSV number to complete the transaction.

If the PAX device asks for additional information, such as city, state, etc., simply hit the green ENTER button on the PAX device to skip the prompts. The additional information is not needed to run the transaction.

If all the information matches and the card is good, you will hear the familiar success tones and the sale will be competed in CoPOS.

If the Internet goes down, or if for some reason you cannot run a credit card transaction, the cashier can use the [External] credit card entry option to tell CoPOS that the credit card was processed outside of CoPOS and to complete the sale.

Using Multiple Credit Cards in a Single Sale

CoPOS has the ability to allow a sale to be paid using up to three credit cards, either for the same customer or credit cards from multiple people.

For this functionality two System Constants must be set to “Y”:
– SC #200 Allow Integrated Credit Card Processing, and
– SC #308 Allow multiple credit cards in one transaction (ICC)

The Sale is done, as usual, in option [1.1] Record a Sale. Once all the Items have been entered, if the Amount Due is to be paid using multiple credit cards:

  1. Type “C” as Payment Method.
  2. Press [Yes] to Record the Sale.
  3. Choose the [Split] Card Entry Method, instead of the [Swipe] method.
  4. Type the amount to be put on Card #1. Press Enter.
  5. If only two cards are being used, type “.” and CoPOS will put the remainder on Card #2. If three cards are being used, after the amount is entered for Card #2, press Enter and type “.” to have the balance due entered for Card #3.
  6. Select [Accept].

CoPOS will send the amount for each card separately to the Gravity credit card terminal to be approved and processed.

Press Enter to have the PAX device accept the first credit card.

After the first credit card is processed, CoPOS will prompt for the next credit card.

  1. CoPOS responds with “See CC Pinpad. To abort, press red [X] key on pinpad THEN [CTRL-C] if needed.” If [CTRL-C] is done before the pinpad has been canceled, CoPOS will error with “”Aborted (Have customer press the red cancel key)”.
  2. if it takes too long, CoPOS times out and returns to the Sale, at which point, more Items can be entered, or [Record Sale] can be redone.
  1. if, after entering the amounts for each card, the amount(s) need to be changed, press Enter until the cursor is at the Card to be changed. Either enter an amount and press [Enter], or type “.” to have CoPOS enter the balance and continue the transaction. The transaction will not continue until the period (“.”) is pressed. So, if you enter all the amounts for all the Cards (instead of using “.” to prompt CoPOS to enter the balance), you still have to type “.” to continue the transaction.
  2. ELIZA is this true: At any time before the credit card is swiped, To start over, press [ESC]. CoPOS will discard the Charges and the “Card Entry Method:” choice bar will be available again. Select [Split] and press [Enter].
  3. Note, that if the total of the amounts entered isn’t the Amount Due, CoPOS will change the Card’s Payment amount wherever the prompt is.
  4. Even after [Accept] is done, pressing ESC will enable you to restart [Record the Sale], or entering another Item.

To abort the sale, type CTRL+C. The customer will have to press the Red [X] Cancel key

Batch Reports

With integrated credit cards, there is no batch report to print out at the end of the night. The batch report is available in CoPOS option [1.12.2] “Credit Cards In.” The reports can be accessed at any time, from any CoPOS station, for reconciling the financials.

At the end of the shift, or the end of the day, use CoPOS option [1.15] “Close Register Session” as usual. There will be one additional question asking to batch out the Gravity credit card terminal. The question defaults to [Yes] and that is almost always what you want to do. If you do not close out the credit card batch, Gravity will do this automatically overnight, just as CoPOS will close an unclosed register session automatically overnight.

EBT / SNAP Cards

Getting the EBT Card Balance Before Using EBT

At the register, the cashier sends a request to the PAX device to ask the customer to enter their EBT card and PIN.

To do this, the cashier will

  1. Select option [F4 Other]
  2. Select [EBT]
  3. Select [EBT Balance]

With the current balance information, the correct EBT amount can be tendered. If the cashier enters an EBT amount that is more than the EBT balance on the card, the transaction will fail and a new EBT tendered amount must be entered, and the sale will need to be sent to the Gravity credit card terminal a second time.

Voids and Returns

Credit card sales can be voided during the current register session without the credit card present. The sale will be voided in CoPOS as normal, and the sale will be removed from the batch in the Gravity credit card terminal.

Debit card sales CAN NOT be voided without the card present since debit card transactions pull the money directly from the bank account at the end of a successful transaction. Debit card sales that need to be voided will require that the items be returned, and the debit card be present to put the money back on the card.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call CoPOS at 855.772.6767 / email: or call Gravity support at (866) 701-4700 / email:

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