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Whenever there’s a Date field, for example, “From Date:” instead of typing the date, you can specify the Date using a calendar.

Screen shot of calendar selector

First, the Month and Year need to be specified.

Pressing any arrow key enables you to move up and down the selection menu. Choose “Next Mo,” “Prev Mo,” “Next Yr,” “Prev Yr,” “Specify,” or any combination, and press Enter to obtain the Month and Year of the date.

Using the selection menu:

  • “Next Mo” – Press Enter to move forward through the months.
  • “Prev Mo” – Press Enter to move backward through the months.
  • “Next Yr” – Press Enter to move forward through the years.
  • “Prev Yr” – Press Enter to move backward through the years.
  • “Specify” – Pressing Enter will enable you to manually enter the month and year. Type in the month name or number, and press Enter. Type the year and press Enter to go back to the selection menu.
screenshot of calendar used to specify date in date field
Type in the number or name of the Month

Once the Month and Year have been specified, the Date must be selected.

  • In the selection menu, arrow to “Select.”
  • Press Enter to choose the Date from the calendar. Note that the currently selected date is in red.
  • Arrow to the date you want.
  • Press “S” to select the date. The date that will be used is displayed and you’re back in the selection menu.
  • You can now Quit by pressing Enter or select another date by pressing any arrow key.

Note, that until another date is specified, the previously Selected Date will be the date used.

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