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Inactivating Items

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Here are the basic how-to steps to inactivate Items.
In this example, Items that have not sold in the last year will be inactivated.

Go to option [6.22] “Inactivate Items” (Previously: “Selectively Inactivate Items”)

  1. Select item Selection Method “1 … ONLY Your Responses to the Above Prompts
  2. At “Restrict to Items Last Sold On or Before:” enter the date prior to which Items LAST Sold can be Inactivated (the Last Sold on Date). If you want to inactivate everything that has not sold for a year you can type in “-366.”
  3. Restrict to ONLY ONE Vendor? [No]
  4. Restrict to ONLY ONE Brand? [No]
  5. Restrict to ONLY ONE Item Category? [No]
  6. Select [ALL Categories]
  7. Restrict to ONLY ONE Item Group? [No]
  8. Select SPECIFIC Departments: [No]
  9. Restrict to SPECIFIC Green Attributes? [No]
  10. Show 12 Month Achieved Margin: [No]
  11. OK to Compile the List of Items to Inactivate: [Yes]
  12. Once the list is compiled, select [Inactivate]
  13. Select [Yes] to save.
  14. Purge (Delete) These Inactivated Items That Have NEVER Sold: [No]
  15. Enter your Initials.
  16. Press ESC to leave the inactivation process.
  17. Press ESC to go to the Inventory/Item Options menu.
  18. Press ESC to to to the Main Menu.
Items incorrectly inactivated can be reactivated using option [6.23] Activate Items, which is used to reactivate multiple Inactive Items when a group of Items was mistakenly Inactivated.
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