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How to “Round Up” at the register

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There are 3 different ways to “Round Up” at the register in CoPOS.

1. Manual Round Up

The manual way is to type in an asterisk “*” on the line where you normally scan in a product to sell or type in a PLU number at the register. This will allow the cashier to accept a donation of any amount that you type into the Price field.  

In the Price field you can type in the letter “R” instead of the exact amount to donate. The letter “R” means Round Up to the nearest dollar. CoPOS will automatically do the math to make the total even.

If the customer wants to add 5 bucks to the round-up you can do that automatically as well by typing “5R” which means round up to the nearest dollar and add 5 dollars.

See a screenshot of rounding up at the register:

2. Automatic Round Up

The automatic round-up works like this. You can have CoPOS prompt you to round up at the end of all register transactions. When you are done scanning items and move to the Payment Method box, CoPOS will prompt the cashier to round up or not. This is turned on by enabling System Constant #325.

At the CoPOS Server, go to [9.2] “Edit System Constants

  1. [ALL System Constants]
  2. Press F5 and type 325 then Enter (or PAGE DOWN then ARROW DOWN until you get to System Constant #325 “Prompt for Round Up Donation at Register”)
  3. Type “Y
  4. ESC
  5. [Yes] (OK to save changes)
  6. ESC, or Enter [No] don’t Print the System Constants
  7. ESC, or Enter [No] don’t Export the System Constants
  8. ESC to CoPOS Main Menu

All other stations must log out and log in for changes to take effect at those stations.

3. Automatically prompt only specific members to Round Up

Read the F10 Help text for System Constant #325 for an understanding of the options available in CoPOS. Also look at System Constants #326 and #338 and read their F10 help text to see if you want to always prompt for a round up donation or if you want to only have specific members be prompted.

You can find more information about system constants in the System Constants Help Guide.

We recommend you test out these options using [11.13] Training Mode to get a feel for how they work and to determine what will work for your co-op.

4. Donating to more than one organization in the same day

Currently there is no way to designate more than one organization to make donations to in CoPOS.

These donations are presented on the [3.1] “Sales Recap” report. Unfortunately, there is only one spot for Register Donations and there are no other reports in CoPOS to see donations that might go to other organizations on that day. For this reason, only one organization donation can be specified in a single day.

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