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Importing Item Categories

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This is a two step process. First, the data must be formatted to be usable for import. To do this, the data must be put into the CoPOS Item Category template. Next, the template file is imported into CoPOS.

Creating the import file

  • CoPOS provides a series of Excel spreadsheets as templates for preparing data for import. Templates can be used to add and edit information in CoPOS. They are available for download from the Templates page.
  • The template you will use for this import is CoPOS Item Category Template.
  • The template is used to import (*required)
    • Item Category Code*
    • Description*
    • Food Item (Y/N)
    • Random Weight (Y/N)
    • Category Default Margin.
  • Once the spreadsheet is ready, change file format from Excel to text. In Excel, “Save As” a Tab Delimited Text file. The file name should now be ITMCAT.TXT.

Importing the Item Category (ITMCAT.TXT) file

To begin the Import, go to option [4.2] Item Category Database (with Query) (previously: “Item Category  Enter/Edit/List”)

  1. Select [Print/Export/Import] and press Enter.
  2. Select [Import] and press Enter.
  3. Select the USB flash drive as the Import Path, and press Enter.
  4. Select the ITMCAT.TXT file. Verify that the files’s date stamp is the one you want. Press Enter.
  5. Select [Proceed] and press Enter.
  6. Select [No] don’t restrict to new categories, and press Enter. Note: If there is an Item Category with the same code, it will be overwritten.
  7. (This step occurs only when System Constant #38 is set Y.) Select [No] and press Enter to confirm that you do NOT want to remove / initialize all your existing Item Categories.
  8. Select [Yes] and press Enter to confirm import of Item Categories from that ITMCAT.TXT.
  9. Select [Save] and press Enter.
  10. Select [Yes]. Press Enter to confirm the import. A dialog box will display: “Your Item Categories were successfully Imported.”
  11. Press ESC to go back to option 4.2.
  12. Press ESC to go back to Menu 4 Database Options.
  13. Press ESC to go back to the Main Menu.
You can change/alter all the Items in your system in less than a few seconds using these templates. However, if they are wrong, it can take quite some time to undo the changes. If you haven’t used templates before, or have any questions whatsoever, please contact Support and they’ll help get your database updated safely.
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