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How to get a list of items using specific PLU numbers

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Using Option [4.1] Item Database (with Query), you can search for all the items with PLU numbers in a certain range.  The resulting list of items can be printed as a report, saved or exported as a CoPOS list to be used in other options in CoPOS, or exported as an Excel spreadsheet.   For this example, we will find all the items with PLU numbers from 6000 to 9999.

This is also a great method for looking for PLU numbers that are “available” to be used for new products.  Often stores will print this report to have a list of Produce items and their PLUs for cashiers and for produce managers to find available PLU numbers to create new produce items in the POS.

Go to option [4.1] Item Database (with Query)

  1. [Query]   
  2. [New Query]
  3. From the Selection Criteria list, [I]nclude “Item Code / Alt” (top of 1st column), then press ESC.
  4. Type “6000:9999”  (that is type 6000 with a colon in between and the number 9999 – you can see the instructions at the bottom of the screen as well as press F10 for the syntax of other ways to make the search more specific)
  5. [Select Query Source]
  6. [Item Database]
  7. [View Items]
  8. [More]
  9. Select [Print/Exprt] to send it to a printer or file.
  10. If you want to print the list or save it to a PDF file, select [Print List], If you want to save it as a tab-text file or Excel (.xls format) file, select [Export].
For more details about creating Item Lists, go to
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