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How to create a scannable coupon

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Is it possible for us to have a scannable coupon set up in CoPOS that makes an item free? If so, is it possible to later pull up sales that used that specific coupon?

Yes this is possible. Say you want a scannable coupon to give a free “Deli Sandwich” (Item Code = PLU).

First, put this item into a CoPOS Group of its own. (You can put an unlimited number of items into nearly an unlimited number of groups. Groups are super flexible.)

  • Go to option [4.14] Item Group Database (or for older CoPOS versions: “Item Group Enter/Edit/List”)
  • [Add] a new group.  “Add” will display in the top right corner of the Item Group screen.
  • Item Group Code : “DELCPN” – Create a new group called “DELCPN”
  • ENTER 
  • Item Group Description: “Free Deli Item”
  • Item Group Manager(s): Leave blank if don’t need a manager listed.)
  • [Save]  
  • ENTER to select “1 … Specify Items in this Item Group”
  • “Import Items for a List, Query or File:” [No]  
  • Type in the Item Code of the free deli item, in this case the Item Code for Deli Sandwich.
  • Type in additional Item Codes if desired. Otherwise
  • ESC  
  • Okay to Quit without saving changes: [No]
  • [Save]  
  • OK to Save: [Yes]    
  • Changes Saved ==>
  • ESC  to Item Group Database screen
  • ESC  to Database Options menu
  • ESC  to CoPOS – Main Menu

Next, let’s create the free coupon

  • Go to option [4.17]  Storewide Coupon Database
  • [Add]    
  • Storewide Coupon Code: “FREEDELISAND”
  • Will Coupon Value be entered at Time of Sale:  [No] – Coupon value is not entered at time of sale.
  • Coupon Description: “Free Deli Item”    
  • $ or % Off:  “%” (percentage off)
  • “100”  (The minimum coupon value IS the value of the coupon, 100% off in this case. It is not the coupon value if you set up a tiered coupon later in the process.)   
  • “100.00% Seem High – Use Anyway?” [Yes] (use anyway)    
  • “Members Only:”  ENTER – to accept the default (The default is No, so this coupon can be used by anyone who shops.)    
  • “Restrict Usage to Certain Days:” ENTER  The default is No so this coupon can be used on any day of the week.
  • [Save (and Continue)]    
  • “2 … Specify Additional Restrictions”   
  • “4 … Specify Eligible Group” 
  • “DELCPN” (You can also press F1 to see a list of Groups.)
  • “OK to Limit This Coupon to Group “DELCPN”:”  [Yes]  
  • ENTER – to acknowledge the restriction is saved
  • “8 … BACK” 
  • “5 … Specify Coupons Scannable Code”
  • “1234” 
  • Scannable Coupon Code: “500000912346”
  • OK to Associate Scan Code “500000912346” With This Coupon
  • [Yes]  (Note Coupon’s full scan code)
  • Saved ==>
  • ENTER to acknowledge Scan code saved
  • Scan code is not in the upper right corner of the screen.  you can type  ESC 
  • ESC – to Storewide Coupon Database screen
  • ESC (or [Quit]) to Database Options main menu
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