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Enabling Training Mode

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If Training mode is going to be used, it must be enabled at the server.

  1. At the Main Menu prompt, type: “setup training mode“.
  2. Restart CoPOS. (Note: A Restart will shut down CoPOS temporarily.)
    • At the Main Menu, type 13 to start the Controller.
    • Go to 5 Power.
    • Go to 2 Restart CoPOS.
    • Press “R” to confirm Restart.

CoPOS can now be used in Training mode. See KB article, Using Training Mode for how to use it.

Enabling Training mode only has to be done once.
CoPOS will be shut down during the restart.
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For specific margin data for your store, go to CoPOS options:
> 8.29 [Contributing Margin Inquiry]
> 8.30 [Margin Analysis by Item]
> 8.31 [Margin Analysis by Department]
> 8.32 [Cost of Goods Sold by Department]

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