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Creating customized lists of items in your store

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You can create customized lists of any items, or subset of items, that are in the store’s database. This is done by using the Query function in the option [4.1] Item Database (with Query). Specifying which items should be in the list by Including or Excluding any of the more than 60 Selection Criteria, you can obtain very specific lists of items.

Go to option [4.1] Item Database (with Query) (or for older CoPOS versions: “Item Enter/Edit/List/Query”)

  1. Select [Query]  and press Enter.
  2. Press Enter to select [New Query].
  3. Arrow to the Selection Criteria you want CoPOS to use to select the items to be included, or excluded, in the list. Use I to [I]nclude and E to [E]xclude items. By default, Inactive items are excluded. Note: By pressing CTRL+F, you can toggle between Including all, Excluding all or Ignoring all (Blank).
  4. Press ESC. You will be prompted for additional qualifiers based on which Selection Criteria were specified, e.g., Last Sold Date, Department, UPC/PLU, Location, Vendor. Press F10 for details about syntax.
  5. Press ESC or Enter.
  6. Press Enter to select [Select Query Source].
  7. Press Enter to select [Item Database]. The database will be searched and the number of Items that met the Criteria. If no Items were found, you can specify different Criteria or Query Source.
  8. Once the search is completed, press Enter to select [View Items].
  9. Select [More] and press Enter.
  10. Select [Print/Exprt] and press Enter.
  11. You can either send the list to a printer or PDF file, or export it to a Tab-Text file or Excel file.
    1. To send to a printer or PDF file, select [Print List] and press Enter.
      1. To print the list, select [System Printer] or [Attached Printer]. Note that if there is no printer available, the only selection possible will be [PDF File].
      2. To save the list as a PDF file, select [PDF File]. Choose where the file should be saved.
      3. For both printing and the PDF file, specify [All Pages], [This Page] or a [Page Range] and press Enter.
    2. To export the list to the hard drive or USB flash drive, select [Export] and press Enter.
      1. Select [Items/Movement] and press Enter.
      2. Select [Standard Item] and press Enter.
      3. Choose where to save the file. Press Enter.
      4. Save as either [Tab-Text (Standard “Flat” File)] or an [Excel] file. Press Enter.
      5. Press Enter to [Proceed].
      6. Press Enter to confirm that it’s Okay to Export these Items (Standard Form).
      7. Depending on file format chosen above, the file will be saved as ITEMSQ.TXT or ITEMSQ.XLS.
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