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Creating a list of Item Costs in a Department

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Here are the basic how-to steps to create a list of Item Costs in a Department, for example, a list of all the Costs for Items in the Produce Department.

Go to option [4.1] “Item Database (with Query)” (previously “Item Enter/Edit/List/Query”)

  1. [Query]
  2. [New Query]
  3. From the Selection Criteria screen, specify which field in the Item database you’d like to Include/Exclude in the Query. In this case, we’re looking for information about Items in a specific Department. Arrow to Department and type “I”. (By default, Inactive is Excluded.)
  4. ESC
  5. Specify what kind of Items to select from the field. In this case, we want only Items from the produce Department. Arrow to Produce and type “Y”.
  6. ESC
  7. [Select Query Source] to query the Item Database.
  8. To run the query, press Enter to select [Item Database].
  9. [View Items] to display the Items that matched the criteria and qualified to be in the list.
  10. You can now look at information about specific Items, who purchased any of the listed Items, and Sort the list. Selecting [Sort] will give you the choice of sorting one of the five columns (fields) on the screen: Item Code, Description, Brand, Dept and SRP.
  11. But we’re looking for produce Item Costs. Select [Rt Col] to get a list of the fields available, and select “Cost.”
  12. Pressing Enter will give you the option to sort by that field. Press [No]. There is no need to sort, as the list we needed, Produce Item Costs has been created.
  13. Now the right column (Rt Col) on the screen lists the information for the field selected in step 11. In this example, the right column now lists Costs.
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