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Setting up automatic backups and notification

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Doing a backup will shut down CoPOS. It’s recommended backups be done when the store is closed.

There is an option to enable and schedule automatic backup in CoPOS.

Automating Backups

CoPOS has found that the system runs better when it is shut down on a nightly basis.

Setting up automated backups is done from the Controller.

At the Main Menu prompt, go to menu option 13 [Controller]. In the Controller,
– select 2 Backup
– then 6 Automate Backup.

  1. The current configuration is listed at the top of the dialog box. Ensure that Automatic Backup is <ON>. If not, select option 1 Enable/Disable and enable automated backups.
  2. Select option 2 Settings to specify the actions to automate and set up the schedule.
  3. Select option 1 Enable/Disable Features.
    This is where you turn on/off what will be automated. By pressing the Spacebar, you can turn on/off the settings. When an option is turned on, there will be an asterisk.
  4. If it’s set up to send a backup notification, CoPOS will send you an email notifying you the backup was successful.

Backups are written to the USB drive on the server (if there is a USB drive there), and copied to the CoPOS Cloud, with filename COOP-xxxxxx.lzh, where “xxxxxx” is the serial number of the server. (It is also in C:\POS on the hard drive with filename COOP-timestamp.lzh.)

Setting up Backup Notification

  1. Enter option 9.1 [Store Settings] and choose [Save (and Continue)].
  2. Select option “1 … Store Name and Address”.
  3. Choose [Edit a Field(s)].
  4. Type “19” to select the Email field.
  5. Enter the Email Address that CoPOS will notify when the backup concludes.
  6. Either press the Down Arrow, or press Enter.
  7. Choose [Edit a Field(s)].
  8. Type “20” to select the Backup Notification field.
  9. Type “Y”.
  10. Press Enter.
  11. Select [Save].

Upon successful completion of a backup, CoPOS will send an email that states the date and time of the successful backup as well as the backup file name. The email will come from the account “”.

Notification email will also be sent if the backup is not successful.

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