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Accessing Help in CoPOS

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CoPOS includes an extensive Help system to help you get the most from this easy-to-use, but powerful, point of sale system.

There is information explaining every menu option, keystroke shortcut, system constant, as well as most choice bars. Information can be found by searching and by pressing [F10] almost anywhere.

Help is available at most menu options, but [F10] from the Main Menu provides the most assistance in finding information, as well as providing an expedient way to find your way around CoPOS when you’re unsure of where you want to go. Pressing ESC while viewing Help about an option, you are offered the choice “Run this Option”. Selecting [Yes] opens that option.

By selecting [CTRL-P], or pressing CTRL+P, Help can be sent to a printer or PDF, making it convenient to provide a reference at another location, for example, a printed list of shortcuts at the register.

Description of choices when pressing [F10] from the Main Menu


This Help option gives an overview of CoPOS basics. It explains how CoPOS is organized, how to navigate in CoPOS, valid date formats, and useful tools, e.g., accessing the calculator.

This is a great starting point for new employees.

The overview is also available from any menu that has options.


Shortcuts are key, and key combinations, that can be used to do something more quickly. This Help option lists general shortcuts as well as shortcuts available during specific operations and fields at the register.

Becoming familiar with shortcuts is an excellent way to increase confidence and efficiency at the register.

[Search Menus]

Use this selection to find a menu or option using words or word fragment. CoPOS will list all menus and options that match.

[Search Help]

This is the most comprehensive search tool. Using any string of text, you will get a list of all Help that includes the text searched for. Also listed is where that Help documentation is located, narrowing down the results by enabling you to find the Help that is most relevant to your search.

Note: If you [ESC] from a “Menu Help,” selecting “[Yes] Run this Option” will open that menu option.


The Glossary has a list of definitions of the “parts” that comprise the CoPOS system.

[Printing Menu Help]

Help text can be sent to a printer or a PDF sent to a USB drive.

Additional Help is also available online at

Of course, if you still have questions, just give us a call or email

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