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CoPOS is the first Point of Sale system I’ve used regularly for work, and I was nervous about getting started with it. Growing up with technology and touchscreens, I was a little intimidated by the basic format, but after taking a short look, and getting the opportunity to explore the system, I quickly fell in love with its simple and straightforward set-up. It’s such a powerful tool that is capable of everything I need to efficiently manage my Co-op. With a little bit of curiosity and motivation, there really isn’t anything I can’t accomplish with CoPOS.

Ticonderoga Food Co-op
Ticonderoga, NY

CoPOS has been responsive to our needs and enhancement requests at the Oneota Community Food Co-op and it continues to hold its own with a store of our size – nearly $5.2 million/year. We have been pleased with the receptiveness of CoPOS to our wishes as we seek to expand the potential of our systems, reporting and data management.

Oneota Food Co-op
Decorah, IA

As a small co-op without a point of sale system, CoPOS was instrumental in moving our co-op forward in sales growth, efficiency and accountability at an affordable price.

Springfield Food Co-op
Springfield, VT

1. How do you feel using CoPOS has improved your retail market?
The CoPOS system has allowed our business to take the leap from a small store that had little access to the data that is needed to run a store well into the competitive store we now have. The CoPOS system is user friendly and easy to teach to staff. It has been the most invaluable tool we have in the store.

2. How would you rate CoPOS when it comes to customer service?
The Team at CoPOS has been more than wonderful! I love that they are based here in the US. The initial company I had for my POS had no customer service state side. This proved to be a costly nightmare! Each time I call the CoPOS team I get a friendly hello and our pressing issue taken care of immediately, if possible. The Team at CoPOS works with my store as an extension of what we do and truly has the stores best interest at heart. When it comes to customer services, CoPOS is top notch and for that I’m incredibly thankful!

3. Do you feel CoPOS is competitive in the POS market when it comes to price and features?
When I priced out POS systems for my store 4 years ago, price was a huge factor. I went with a system different than CoPOS and quickly learned that features are more important than price. Because my first system lacked many of the vital features, and stability, that is necessary to run a store efficiently I learned a valuable lesson. You really do get what you pay for. CoPOS, though only a few thousand more than my first system, has saved me much more money than I’ve invested. It is well worth the price and is priced much lower than other systems in the industry. Not to mention they are always innovating and upgrading the software to better serve their customers.

4. Would you recommend CoPOS to a peer in the same business?
As I meet more of my peers on the Independent side who own smaller businesses and are looking to upgrade their POS systems, I am always eager to recommend the CoPOS system. If a business is interested in taking themselves to the next level in the Natural Food Industry, CoPOS is an economical and easy system to install and get running in their store. Having the correct numbers is vital to a healthy business and CoPOS can do that for you.

Yvonne Chamberlain
Owner, The Market @ The Tree of Life Center
Clarksville, TN